Three Products that will Help to Keep your Kids Bedroom Tidy

15th Oct 2020

Are you constantly fighting a never ending battle trying to keep your kid’s bedroom tidy? Below are three essential products that you can include in your child’s bedroom to help keep it neat and tidy.

1. Bookends

Bookends are the easiest way to neatly store books while keeping them easily accessible too. Bookshelves are great for storing a lot of books, but do you find that once your child pulls one out the whole pile ends up falling over? Adding a few Bookends to your child’s bookshelf  will prevent the stack of books from constantly falling over and will make it easier for your child to put each book back neatly in the pile. Mocka’s Doorstop Bookends are multifunctional weighted characters that can be used to keep books upright and prevent doors from slamming.

2. Underbed storage

Underbed storage is the best way you can maximise the space in your child’s bedroom without impeding on the floor area. Instead of leaving this space bare, purchase some underbed storage boxes to store toys, blankets, books, crafts and more. This will free up storage space in your child’s wardrobe and bedroom. Remember when purchasing underbed storage boxes, make sure the boxes are set on wheels. This will make it easier for your child to access the stored items. Mocka’s Brooklyn Bed Boxes are solid underbed storage boxes that are set on metal castor wheels.

3. Storage baskets or boxes

Storage Baskets or boxes provide your kids with an easy place to store their toys. When you ask them to tidy up their toys after playing with them it’s as easy as picking them up off the floor and placing them straight into the one basket or box. When purchasing a basket you should look for one that works in well with the room’s space and is large enough to hold all of your kid’s toys. Mocka’s Felt Baskets are soft storage baskets with rope handles. If you are after a more sturdy option, Mocka’s Stacka’s are storage boxes that can be filled and then stacked on top of each other. They are great for maximising the storage in your child’s bedroom without impeding on precious floor space

These three products will increase the storage and play space in your child’s bedroom and make it easier for your child to keep it clean.

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