Three Things Your Kids Need This Spring

16th Oct 2020

Three Things Your Kids Need This Spring

Our favourite time of year is in full swing, warming us up and easing us out of winter hibernation. Spring feels like such an abundant season and often gets people hitting the ground running (all the way to the festive season!). With some new Spring energy inspiring us, we have put together a list of the four things your kids need this Spring so they can make the most out of this lovely season.

1. A Sense of Adventure

Perfect for getting outdoors and in nature, our Balance Bikes, Scooter's and Box Carts will nourish the inner adventurer in any child. With these sets of wheel, not only do kids get to enjoy the outdoors, but they help develop motor skills and burn energy. Kids can ride and push each other around the park, lakes or beach. Maybe even go exploring off the beaten track – who knows what is waiting to be discovered this Spring?

box cart

2. Some Fun in the Sun

Sunshine is vital not only in spring but for our health. Kids love to get out ad have fun in the sun. But we all know that too much sun is not fun for anyone, so to help keep sun exposure to safe, moderate levels,  a Beach Shade is the essential item your child needs this spring (and summer!). With a UPF 50+ protective coating, the beach shade is super protective and is fully portable – so you can transport from the beach to lake to park painlessly. Guaranteed Sunshine Funtime for everyone!

beach shade

3. An Oasis of their Own

After a big day out either at day-care, school or out in the sun and nature, a place to retreat to is always on the cards. Whether this is in their bedroom, playroom or in a shady spot outside, our Piccolo Teepee or Teepees are always a hit.  Help them create a cosy nest of their own by adding cushions, some soft toys (and don’t forget to bring some yummy treats) and this dreamy abode is the perfect spot to watch a spring afternoon go by.

teepees beach


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