To Clean Up, Hide or Disguise. Mocka is Here to Help!

15th Oct 2020

If there is one thing parents know and hate its MESS! Parents know mess all too well, from dirty dishes right down to the leftover piece of sticky tape that has made your floor its home for the past couple of months.

Here at Mocka, we hear you, and with kids ourselves, we know all too well how difficult it is to clean up, hide or disguise the mess. That’s why we have set out to provide you with a large range of colourful and contemporary storage options to hide, store and showcase your kid’s endless collections of masterpieces in the making.

Mocka Wooden Toy Boxes featuring the Australian crocodile and kangaroo are a perfect hiding spot for the abundance of stuffed animals your kids bought home from the fair.

Let your kid’s imagination run wild while you rest yours with a perfectly organised craft station that hides all of the crayons, stamps, sticky tape, glue sticks and more in their own separate compartments.  Mocka’s post boxes are available in an array of colours and sizes and will make craft time a fun and clean activity.

Let’s not forget about the one and only mess maker of all mess makers, Lego! Yes, Mocka has even designed a storage piece that neatly holds and hides the thousand piece Lego set your son loves.  Simply store it all in one (or a couple if needed) of Mocka Fabric Boxes that come in an array of colours. These boxes can then be slid in and out of our Mocka Six Cube Storage Unit allowing for easy access and a bright streamline look.

As for showcasing those masterpieces, the Mocka ladder shelf is a very practical piece that will make those strange Lego structures that your kids build look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa perched proudly on one of the shelves.

It doesn’t matter what type of mess you are trying to clean up, hide or disguise. Mocka is helping to solve the undesirable issue of mess with an array of colourful and contemporary storage pieces.

However, one thing that will always remain a mystery is how that last piece of Lego magically appeared under your foot as you make your way to the bedroom late at night.

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