Wardrobe Organising Tips

16th Oct 2020

There is nothing more frustrating than an overcrowded wardrobe. Bunched up clothes and coat hangers can turn into a tangled mess, shoes get damaged if they are left in a plie at the bottom of your wardrobe and unorganised clothes makes it hard to find an outfit when you are in a rush.

Keeping a neat and organised wardrobe is easy with the right products and organising systems. Below are ten tips to help you to organise and tidy up your wardrobe.

  1. Streamline your wardrobe by sorting out your clothes and getting rid of any items that you no longer need.
  2. Purchase coordinated coat hangers to create a streamline look. Having a variety of wooden, fabric, wire and plastic coat hangers makes a wardrobe look messy and cluttered. It can also damage your clothes if they aren’t hung on the right hangers.
  3. Neatly hang up your clothes in an order that you prefer. You can section your clothes into seasons, colours, styles or lengths. This makes it easy to find particular items when you require them.
  4. Store your most used items in the middle section of your wardrobe, less used items in the bottom section and least used items in the top section of your wardrobe.
  5. Storage bags are great for keeping lots of unused items neatly stored together and safe from dust. Mocka’s Zest Underbed Storage bags are a perfect storage solution for bulk items that take up space in your wardrobe. Items including blankets, bulky jumpers, pillows and seasonal clothes can be stored neatly in storage bags and placed in the top section of your wardrobe.
  6. Sort and store shoes, folded clothes and accessories in boxes or hanging pockets. This will help to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy and will make it easier to find items when required.
  7. Add tiered racks or shelving to the bottom section of your wardrobe. This will provide you with additional storage for shoes, folded clothes and bags.
  8. Add hooks to the back of wardrobe doors for additional hanging space. These are great for handbags, coats and scarves.
  9. If you don’t have any drawers, use clothing dividers to keep folded clothes in neat piles and to prevent them from toppling over in your wardrobe.
  10. If your wardrobe is still overcrowded once you have sorted and rehung all of your clothes, you can purchase a supplementary wardrobe to store the remaining items. Mocka’s Zest Fabric Wardrobe is an affordable option.

Once you have organised your wardrobe, you can maintain it by following these simple organising systems daily.

Wardrobe Organising Tips


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