Wooden Spoon Puppets Craft Activity

15th Oct 2020

Nursery rhymes are a fun and educational way to teach your kids about small life lessons. Kids love to read them from a book and then recite them to their friends and family. You can make story telling even more fun with this wonderful wooden spoon puppets craft activity. Kids will love putting on a puppet show for their friends and family while reciting their favourite nursery rhymes and having lots of fun.

What you need: Paint – two shades of pink pain or alternatively you can use red and white paint to make various shades of pink and brown and black paint. Paint brushes Felt – pink, brown, green, yellow, red and blue. Craft glue 4 x wooden spoons

Instructions: Step 1 Paint the head of three wooden spoons with the light pink paint and one wooden spoon with the brown paint. Allow to dry.

Step 2 Cut out six small pig ear shapes out of the pink felt and two small rounded triangles out of the brown felt. These will make the ears for the three pigs and the one wolf. Cut out four small bowtie shapes out of the remaining colours of felt.

Step 3 When the paint on the wooden spoons has dried, place some craft glue on the bottom of the triangle ear pieces and stick it to the spoons curved edge ensuring the pieces can been seen from the opposite side of the spoon. Allow to dry.

Step 4 On the flat side of the spoon glue the bowtie felt pieces to the neck of each spoon. Allow to dry.

Step 5 On the flat surface of the pink spoons find the centre and paint an oval shape in the dark pink paint. This will be the pigs’ snouts. Once the paint has dried, use the light pink paint to paint the pigs’ nostril holes.

Step 6 Using the black paint, paint the pigs’ eyes, eyebrows and mouths. On the flat surface of the brown spoon use the black paint to paint the wolf’s eyes, snout, nose, mouth and fur.

Step 7 Allow to dry and then your children can begin playing them while reciting the nursery rhyme.

Visit the Nursery Tracks website to listen to  the Three Little Pigs nursery rhyme and print out the words.  You and your kids will love acting out this classic nursery rhyme.

Craft Story Telling with Wooden Spoon Puppets


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