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15th October 2020

10 Amazing Hallway Styling ideas (that don't cost too much!)

Hallways are often a problem space in a home. Sure, they help you get from one part of the house to another but because they aren't a "roomy" in the traditional sense (and are usually long and narrow), they often get neglected when it comes to home styling. So, to save these forgotten spaces, we have 10 amazing hallway styling ideas that will turn any wasted hallway into a pretty pathway without blowing the budget.

1. Add a rug

A rug is an easy and fairly inexpensive way to add chic styling to a hallway and quickly change up a space. Put a colourful or patterned runner in your hallway to immediately add comfort and warmth as a homely welcome to guests as they enter your home.

Mocka Aria Rug - Natural

2. Freshen up a hallway with plants

Greenery does wonders for any space but especially adds a freshness to a hall or entry corridor. Whether real or faux, a potted houseplant is a cost effective way to simply and easily elevate the style in your hallway.

Mocka Jett Baskets

3. Make a wall gallery

With a few simple and cheap frames or pieces of art, you can transform your hallway into a gallery wall. Hallways are wonderful spaces for these because usually there isn't much space. Hanging family portraits, photos, and artwork is a simple solution to give your pathway a personal touch.

4. Long library Look

If you have the space, bookshelves are another great storage option for wide hallways. Install them in the length of your hallway to give the space the look and feel of a library or put in one bookshelf to hold books and other trinkets and treasures, that you and your guests can browse.

Mocka Porto Small Bookcase

5. Add a hallway table

It's all in the name, but hallway tables are ideal for hallways. The perfect place to keep keys, dog leads and any other small essentials you need just as you walk out the door. If space is an issue, opt for a slimline console, like our Dakota Console Table pictured below, that will still provide all the space you need without blocking any pathways.

Mocka Dakota Console Table

6. Brighten with a mirror

In any hallway, whether wide or narrow, a mirror is a simple and inexpensive way to make a statement and brighten the style of a space. Not to mention, it is super handy to be able to give yourself the once over before heading out the door. If you don't want it to reflect a blank wall, consider placing flowers, twigs or some other natural element in front to double the display.

Mocka Wicker Mirror - Natural

7. Don't be afraid to use colour

One of the easiest ways to freshen up a hallway's style is to add colour. Whether that means painting the walls or adding colour through furniture, rugs and art, a hallway is the perfect space to do something different and surprising.

8. Take a seat

Adding a simple armchair or bench seat not only elevates the style of a hallway, but provides a handy spot to sit and tie your shoes or organise your bag.

Mocka Winnie Chair - Black/Natural

9. Basket storage

If your hallway is lacking a little storage, then baskets are a great (and cost effective) way to add simple storage. Place some under a hallway table, beneath a coat hook or in a corner for storing shoes, dog leads and other items that make a hallway or entryway cluttered fast.

Mocka Frankie Baskets - Set of 3

10. Get textural

Playing with textures is a simple way to add style to a hallway and make it an interesting space to be in. Whether wicker, concrete, jute or timber, you can layer textures in rugs, artwork and furniture to really add a wow factor to the style of your hallways without spending a fortune.

With these 10 hallway styling ideas, you'll be able to get the most out of any hallway, be it long, narrow or wide (and without breaking the budget). For more tips on styling ideas, check out our post on 'Designing Tips for Kids Bedrooms'.

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