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4th January 2023


What is in vogue not only speaks to our aesthetic sensibilities but also to how we want to live and the environment we choose to surround ourselves with. Start the new year with the latest trend forecast for a stylish home in 2023 as we look forward to what is new in interior design this year. 

Home is no longer just a place for rest and relaxation. The home has evolved throughout the last few years, with shifts in the way we work and live and the walls between our worlds have had to adapt to new ways of living. This year we will embrace continued evolution of our home with a renewed focus on form, sustainability, nature, and a refined strengthening of functionality and multipurpose spaces and products. Designed by our in-house team we have curated the top key trends to welcome into your home and keep you ahead of the trend in 2023.

The Curated Curve

Keeping ahead of the curve has been a trend over the last couple of years and is here to stay, evoking a sense of calm amongst the uncertainty. This trend made its debut with a focus on form and is easily spotted throughout furniture design and décor. We welcomed the curved armchair, statement ceramics and circular cushions - since then we can't get enough of organic shapes and curved accents throughout the home. Structural elements commonly integrated in every spacewith arched doorways, spiral staircases, and tubular accents becoming more widely seen in interior and furniture design from statement wooden cladding on walls to fluted console tables, like the Eve Console Table and curved bedheads, like the Boucle Queen Bedhead Curve. This trend will continue to take shape and trickle into more of our everyday home furniture and décor items and this year we will be spoilt for choice.

Elegantly Functional

This year we see a refined strengthening of functionality in our home and it is no surprise to see multipurpose spaces and products at the top of interior trends for 2023. Your home should reflect your style whilst remaining practical and versatile to evolve with your family's needs and stage of life. We no longer have to forfeit beautiful design for functionality, as designers focus on clever ways to make their designs work harder to accommodate our needs, for example the contemporary Pia Dining Chairs have been designed to stack for easy storage and space saving and the Hamptons Kids 2 in 1 Bunk Bed can be stacked to save space or separated into two single beds to adapt and grow with your family. This year we will see an increase in demand for multi-functional items as we also get more creative with styling our homes in a way that allows us to enjoy our décor and furniture in a practical way.

Naturally Colourful

Bring the outdoors in with earthy hues and pops of colour. Colour is an easy way to keep up to date on interior trends without having to invest a lot of time or money. A statement wall will completely transform a room or incorporating décor accents like ottomans, rugs and soft furnishings in trend colour will instantly update your space. Coinciding with the furniture and décor trend of soft edges and simplicity; the colour trends that are set to be seen in the world of interior design for 2023 are warm tones that bring your space back to the pantones that naturally surround it such as earthy browns, like the Faux Leather Ottoman - Large - Tan, rich rustic reds like the Constance Metal Plant Stand - Terracotta and organic forest greens like the Luka Velvet Queen Bed - Forest Green and Boucle Ottoman - Large - Khaki. For those who are looking to bring a pop of vibrant colour into your home add raspberry or magenta colour as this aligns with the Pantone colour of the Year and is sure to add a charismatic charm to your space. Remember that these changes are easily interchangeable and transferrable throughout your entire home.

The Biophilic Movement

You may start to hear the term Biophilic a lot more in the coming months. It's a design approach that is taking designers and architects by storm as it already been used as a more futuristic template for the commercial world around us. The term Biophilic is defined to be a concept that increases an occupant's connection to mother nature by creating a seamless cohesion of the internal and external worlds in their place of residency. This concept has been developed to combat the need for man-made structures and introduce more natural life back into cities and built-up suburbs - creating the sense of tranquillity and encouraging healthier lifestyles.

Incorporate this trend into your home by introducing natural elements such as greenery, furniture accented with natural textures, like the rattan Claremont Range, soft natural materials like the Charlotte Braided Wool Rug, and encouraging natural light with mirrors to reflect as much of the outdoors. Curved edges, like the Oslo Range, and a natural colour palette will complement this trend and transform your space into a biophilic home whilst also creating a multi-sensory experience to emulate what we sense naturally when we are outdoors.

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