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15th October 2020

5 Easy and Affordable Ways to Revamp a Room

Updating a room in your home doesn't have to be expensive nor does it have to be a big job. Revamp your home with these five easy and affordable ways. They are simple changes that will make an impact on the feel and look of a room.

1. Add artwork

Hanging a piece of artwork or a print in any room in your home can dramatically change the atmosphere and add colour to a room. Purchase two pieces to alternate between for the cooler and warmer months. Artwork with warm colours and soft hues with make a room feel warm and inviting in the cooler months, whereas bright vibrant artwork or prints will liven up the room during warmer months.

2. Change side tables

Side tables are an inexpensive item that can easily be changed. Revamp your bedroom or lounge room by adding new side tables that work in well with your interior style. If you have a small room opt for lighter and more streamline furniture as it will help to make the room look bigger. If you have a large room use larger side tables to bring the room in and feel more inviting.

3. Add plants

Bring the outdoors in and make your home feel fresh by adding a few indoor plants to your rooms. Plants are great for adding colour and life to a room. Cover any unsightly pots by placing them in a basket that contrasts beautifully with the foliage. Place some herbs by the windowsill in your kitchen. The aromas of them will fill the room with a fresh scent. A vase of fresh followers will add colour to any bedroom, bathroom, dining room or lounge room.

4. Decorate with ornaments

Ornaments are an inexpensive way to add style to your home. Pick pieces that work in well with your colour palette and interior style. Mix and match colours, sizes and shapes. Just don't over decorate with ornaments. You want ornaments to make a statement. Too many ornaments in one room can make a room look cluttered and untidy.

5. Add in a lamp

Lamps not only help to soften the room with mood lighting, they also make a stylish statement when not turned on. Choose a base lamp that suits the style of your home. There are plenty of options including wood, metal, fabric, ceramic, cement and glass. You can also pick between a floor lamp or a short side table lamp. There are various styles of lamp shades that you can pick from to add texture or colour to your room. If your room is large, then a larger lamp shade will add depth to the room, whereas a smaller lamp shade will create a streamline and more minimalistic look for the smaller rooms.

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