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15th October 2020

5 Office Styling Tips

With the amount of beautiful office furniture and décor on the market there is no reason to sit in a boring, old and uninspiring office this year. Don't be shy when it comes to creating a stylish office area. Draw inspiration from colour and textures to create a space that you will love to work in with these 5 tips.

Choose your colour palette

It's important that you choose a colour palette that you love and one that will inspire you. Whether it's monochrome, bright and colourful or fresh whites, make sure that your chosen colour palette is inspirational and motivational.

Streamline your furniture

Big and bulky furniture will close in your office space. To keep your mind open opt for fresh streamline furniture that will keep the space open and light. You can choose between desks with storage drawers or no drawers at all. Look for a desk that fits in the area of your office and one reflects your chosen colour palette.

When choosing a desk chair purchase one that not only looks great but is comfortable and sturdy to sit in. There is a large selection of desk chairs on the market that range from fabric, plastic or wooden seating. If you are sitting at your desk for long periods of time, it's important that your chair supports your posture. If your office supports a busy working family then stools make great office chairs that don't take up a lot of space.Mocka Monochrome Desk

Keep it simple

If you wish to keep your office fresh and inspirational all year round then reduce the clutter. If your desk doesn't have drawers then add some beautiful desktop organisers to your workspace including a storage box for the lose pieces of paper that clutter your desktop.

Add colour and personality with décor and stationery

This is the fun part but remember to not go overboard with your styling. Too much décor can clutter your workspace. Choose functional décor including a beautiful desk lamp, a potted plant, a pencil holder, artwork or a designer calendar. Remember, your office space needs to inspire you so choose furniture and décor that reflects who you are. Make 2015 a productive year with an inspirational workspace.

Stationary from: Kikki K

Washable Paper bag from: UashmamaMocka Jordi Desk

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