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15th October 2020

5 Ways to Refresh your Bedroom for Spring


Winter is over and spring has just begun, there is no better time to open up your windows, dust off your side tables and freshen up a drab bedroom in preparation for the warmer months ahead. Below are five easy and affordable tips to refresh your space and create a beautifully styled spring bedroom.

1. Dust and declutter

The first and most important step in refreshing your bedroom for spring is to dust and declutter the space. This includes your wardrobe and underneath your bed. Although this is a big job and can seem daunting at first, once completed your room will begin to feel fresh, light and smell great. Take everything off your surfaces and give both the objects and surface areas a good wipe down. Once completed, sort through your drawers and wardrobe and throw out or giveaway any items that you don't wear or use anymore.

2. Change your bed linen

Changing your bed linen not only makes your room feel lighter and fresher, it also gives you a chance to refresh the style of your room and add in different colours, textures and patterns that reflect the lighter moods of spring. Take off your heavy winter doona and swap it for a lighter quilt. Take off your flannelette sheets and remake your bed with cool, soft and light weight linen or cotton sheets. Fluff up your pillows and add a couple of vibrant coloured decorative cushions to the bed. These tips will instantly transform your bed and make it feel more inviting for a Sunday afternoon siesta.

3. Add in vibrant colour

Spring is the season of colour. There are many different ways that you can add colour to your room from painting your walls to adding in vibrant décor. It's easy to create a haven in your room with the right coloured décor. To create a cohesively styled bedroom, pick a few colours that work well with the colour of your bed linen and choose décor pieces or artwork accordingly. Anything from occasional chairs to prints, side tables and cushions, it's easy and affordable to add colour to your bedroom for spring.

4. Enliven the space with plants or flowers

Plants are great for making your room feel alive and fresh. If you have the space, sit a beautiful green leafy plant in a vibrant pot and style it into a corner of your room. If you are limited on space, simply add in a vase of beautiful flowers. This trick is guaranteed to lift your spirits and rid the winter blues from your room.

5. Rearrange the space

To completely transform your bedroom for spring, rearrange your furniture to create a new room. Move your bed to a different wall in your room and then work the remaining furniture around it. This will make you feel like you have a brand new space to enjoy.

Spring bedrooms are all about colour, fresh vibes and clean spaces. For more spring styling inspiration browse through Mocka to view their range of vibrant bedroom furniture and décor.

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