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15th October 2020

A Complete Kids Bedroom for Less

Styling a kids bedroom doesn't have to be an expensive task, nor does it have to be difficult. When styling a kids bedroom, the most important aspect to get right is the furniture as this will be the fundamental component of the room. From the bed to the desk, shelving to storage, Mocka have put together two styled bedrooms for under $500 to show you how easy it can be. Use the tips below to create a stylish kids bedroom for less.

Choosing a colour theme

Start by choosing a colour theme for the room. It can be overwhelming choosing colours for your child's bedroom, especially if they personally love a vibrant colour that could clash with the overall style of your home. Instead of painting the walls in bright yellow, pink or blue, stick with more neutral colours and add their favourite colours in fun pieces of décor and linen. This will make it easier to restyle their bedroom when they grow older.

Purchasing furniture

If you are creating a complete kids bedroom there are five important pieces that you need to purchase to create a bedroom that is not only stylish but completely functional too. A bed, bedside table, hanging racks or drawers for clothing, a desk and storage baskets or boxes for toys are the most essential bedroom pieces. To decorate the room add a small rug, some decorative wall mounted storage pieces, and a fun chair for your child to sit on. When purchasing all of the furniture for your child's bedroom keep your chosen colour scheme in mind. Mix and match each item together to create a cohesively styled room.

Dressing the room

When styling your kids bedroom look at the shape of the room and try to imagine or mark out where you could place the larger items before assembling them. It will make it easier for you to move the furniture around the room while it is still in its packaging. Once you have each piece in its place and you can walk to each section of the room with ease, you can then begin to assemble one piece of furniture at a time. Once the larger items are assembled, decorate with the smaller items and add in all of your child's favourite toys. Your child will love spending time in their newly decorated room.

Room 1

Complete Kids Bedroom fotor

  1. Sonata Bed - $129.95
  2. Shadow Boxes - $39.95
  3. Minka A-Frame - $49.95
  4. Kids Acapulco Lounge Chair - $89.95
  5. Circa Rug - $24.95
  6. Wire Baskets - $49.95
  7. Gloria Table - $29.95
  8. Gloria Box - $79.95

Total Room = $494.60

Room 2

Kids bedroom fotor

  1. Sonata Bed - $129.95
  2. Jordi Desk - $99.95
  3. Egg Timer Stool - $39.95
  4. Post Box 2 - $69.95
  5. Kids Tree Hanger - $49.95
  6. Shadow Boxes - $39.95
  7. Felt Basket - $29.95
  8. Circa Rug - $24.95

Total Room = $484.60

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