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27th March 2021

A Designer Space for Less with Mocka

Have you ever wanted to recreate that designer space that you see in magazines? It's not as hard as you think and with Mocka's products you won't break the bank to get it.

Designer Spaces are dependent on the creator's taste. Everyone is different but with Mocka's range of furnishings you can mix and match until your heart is content. When recreating a designer space you need to strip everything back and start with the foundation. From there you can begin to work with what you have, to turn it into something you have always desired.

Neutral coloured walls provide a great foundation to start your designer space. Neutral colours allow you to grow your designer space with furnishings and if you change your mind in the future or you wish to redecorate again, you have that basic foundation that is adaptable to different styles.

If you're going for an ultra-modern contemporary look for your lounge room you will find a large range of staples on Mocka's website. Mocka's twin table is a great foundational piece that you can add accessories to. Partner that with one of Mocka's TV Unit and their Brooklyn Drawers for a buffet and your modern basics are complete. Add splashes of colour with pillows, paintings and accessories.

If your taste is more on the industrial side you will fall in love with Mocka's Industrial Stools. These stools are built to last and come in a variety of industrial colours that will highlight your designer space. Partner them with a wooden table and accessories with strong splashes of colour.

Classical designer spaces are not complete without a classic chair. If you're after a statement chair that is contemporarily designed with a classical feel then you can't go past Mocka's Britta Chair. Use the black paisley for a very classical look or use the orange paisley to add that splash of colour in your space. Either one will add to your classical look while still holding a contemporary feel.

If you live near the ocean like a lot of our locals, it's easy to recreate that relaxed beach style. Mocka's large range of Beechwood furniture will complement your neutral colour pallet. From Mocka's Hudson Wooden Stools in the kitchen to the Leni Magazine Rack, Albero Coat Rack or the infamous Leni Bentwood Stool in the lounge room. You will find these pieces easy to decorate with beach themed accessories.

The redecorating possibilities are endless with Mocka's product range and you will be surprised what you can do with a small budget. Turn that room you hate, into a room you love with Mocka.

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