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14th October 2020

Add Style and Space to your Home with Mocka

Decorating your home with stylish furniture and organising the items in your rooms is the easiest way to maximise the space and add value to your home. This doesn't mean that you have to throw away the bits and pieces lying around your home that make it look untidy. The best way to decorate your home is to add furniture to your rooms that increase the storage space and minimise the clutter. Mocka's new range of contemporary furniture will add style to your home and increase the space allowing you to keep your rooms clutter free and organised.

Mocka never want to discourage playtime however, it's nice for parents to relax in a neat and tidy home. Mocka's new Felt Baskets are a perfect storage solution to add to your lounge room or your child's bedroom. The Felt Baskets make it easy for your child to pack up their toys when they are finished playing to help keep the house tidy. Store anything in these stylish baskets that you would like to access easily or use on a daily basis including pillows, cushions, throws and toys. The contemporary look and versatile design of the baskets make them perfect for any home.

If you are running out of room in your wardrobe then Mocka's new Jolt Drawers would suit you. The Jolt Drawers are a stylish storage option that is perfect for any bedroom or nursery. The deep design of the drawers will provide you with ample storage space for clothes, pillows and blankets. You can even use the top to store and display jewellery, photo frames and trinkets. The Jolt Drawers will increase the space in your room and wardrobe by organising and minimising the clutter.

Ladder Shelves are another great storage option that maximises the space in your home while adding contemporary style to the room. If you are looking for a stylish alternative to a display cabinet then Mocka's new Maya Ladder Shelf is a great alternative. Its four tier shelves make it easy to store and display various items. The functional aspects of ladder shelves make them easy to use in any room in your home, even the bathroom. If you need additional storage space for your towels and bathroom essentials, the Maya Ladder Shelf makes it easy to store all of your products and keep everything within reach.

Regardless of the room that you choose to decorate, Mocka have various storage options that will add style to your space. Keep everything organised with Mocka.

Contemporary styling with Mocka furniture

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