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7th September 2022

Best hacks for storage in small places

Limited square footage doesn't mean limited style. Get creative and make the most out of your small spaces with storage solution designs, tips, and home inspiration.

There is always a way to turn any little space into something functional and inspiring. Whether you're living in an apartment, or maybe it's just a small corner that seemingly only ever collects dust, there are a few simple tips and tricks you can follow that will soon turn that space into your go-to storage saviour. Learn how to take advantage of every little nook and cranny in your home and create a clutter free sanctuary to leave you feeling recharged and refreshed.

Starting Small

a rattan storage box with a lid

a black rattan ottoman with a removable lid

Small storage areas can make an amazing home for your everyday items that still need a designated area when you're not using them (throws, books etc.). Storage baskets and ottomans are the perfect fix when wanting to keep these items off the ground yet still easily accessible. Baskets are available in a variety of different materials such as, wicker, rattan, fabric, or seagrass, as well as a myriad shapes and sizes so finding ones that compliments both your aesthetic and practical use will be a breeze. They serve as the ideal corner filler for any space, whether it's your bedroom, living area or even bathroom as they are beautifully functional whilst staying stylish. Storage ottomans can also double as a seating alternative and perfect for keeping close to your bed or sofa for extra guests or just needing a simple spot to put your shoes on in the morning.

Take advantage of your empty walls by using wall shelving. It is the perfect solution to showcasing smaller décor items. Strategic placement of the shelving can double as artwork by colour coding your book collection whilst skipping out on a large, oversized bookcase allowing that floor space to be used in a more productive manner. Wall shelves also allow you to have a space to organise any clutter that might be filling your desk, kitchen counter or entertainment unit whilst complimenting your design and is incredibly easy to switch up whenever you want a change. 

a round rattan wall shelf

Closet Cleanse

A metal and wood look hallway stand

Keep your closet coveted with ample clothing storage for every space. Add a three drawer or six drawer to your bedroom to organise and declutter your wardrobe. For those tricky to style corners, the go-to solution is a tallboy or drawers that have less width and more height whilst still providing multiple drawers. These types of storage drawers allow you to still hold a substantial amount without taking up significant floor space. They are typically used in compact bedrooms to provide a home for any extra pieces of clothing that may not fit in your wardrobe. They can also be incredibly helpful in office spaces by providing a place for all of your stationary as well as any miscellaneous bits and pieces. Overall, a tall boy can benefit any space by giving you optimal clear floor space whilst being able to store considerable amounts of clothing and/or various assortments of clutter.

Come home to a clutter free organised space and optimise your entryway with a hallway stand.This will allow you to keep your outdoor garments and necessities like a raincoat, shoes, and umbrella at easy access for you to grab before rushing out the door. Alternatively, if you want that extra storage with a fun way to display all of your favourite clothing items, an A-Frame or Hanger could be a perfect addition to your bedroom. Similarly, to the wall shelving solution, you can display your pieces with purpose by colour coding your top picks or simply using one colour to keep it monochromatic. No matter what you choose it will bring personality to your space whilst allowing your aesthetic to shine.

A Jesse wood look hallway stand with white drawers

Small space design tips

a frameless round wall mirror

Optimising your storage in a small area can be incredibly beneficial to the overall look and feel of your home, other tips, and tricks to help assist you when decorating a compact room or home include incorporating mirrors throughout your home to bounce light and create the illusion of larger space and depth in a room. Use mirrors with different shape and size to reflect your style.

Ensure your colour palette is cohesive and simple. White walls and ceilings are known to create the effect of a bigger space. Add warmth to your light and bright walls with layers of natural textures and materials. Choose furniture pieces and floor rugs with natural timbers and materials to suit your style. Soft furnishings are the perfect addition of warmth and texture to any room. Use colour consistency throughout your rooms to create the illusion of larger spaces by effectively turning multiple small areas into one larger room. 

a white round dinner table

Finally, keep it minimal. Minimalism uses negative and positive space to completely open up a room. Minimalistic style doesn't necessarily require you to have little to no furniture or décor, it is the process of deciphering what is necessary and what isn't - this practice will leave you with the items that are incredibly important to you or used in your daily routine. Minimalist style is a good way to make the most out of a compact space. It will allow you to have enough floor space to move around whilst also using it productively for storage and essential furniture items; and will allow you to showcase your exact style and aesthetic.

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a black and rattan entertainment unit

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