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15th October 2020

Choose the Right Stool for your Kitchen

The 'social kitchen' is the current trend in kitchen designs. This design integrates a larger island bench into the kitchen to accommodate cooking, food prep, social gatherings and dining. This consequently provides a larger space for stools to capture the style and mood of the kitchen.

Industrial stools are a style of stool that won't date. The style of the Industrial stool embraces its deficiency in finer details and attracts interest through its strong and bold design.

This type of stool can create high distinction and incorporate decorative tension through its textural depths and mood defining tones. Its durable and sturdy design makes it a perfect stool for any home yearning for a boost of contemporary textural elements.

Wooden furniture is a popular trend for 2015. When used in home décor it creates a subtle elegant style that doesn't demand attention. Its smooth textural appeal relaxes the room's atmosphere and allows subtle hues to define the elements in the wood.

Wooden stools are great in frequently used kitchens as they are durable, easy to clean and stable. The simple appeal of wooden stools can offer a soft textural element to accessorise with, and the environmentally friendly element adds to the value.

When selecting stools for your kitchen always remember to not only think about the design aspects. If you want to create an open streamline space, bulky stools with back rest will encroach on the space and will segment your island bench from the adjacent rooms.

If the main use of your island bench is to have meals on and be used frequently, then you may want to think about the materials the stools are made from. Metal, plastic and wooden stools are going to be a great option in this regard as they are durable, easy to keep clean and maintain. If you are after upholstered stools then ensure the stools are made from microfiber fabric or the cushions are changeable. This will help your stools look fresher and last longer.

Another tip to remember when purchasing stools is to think about space. Allow enough space for your guests and family members to enjoy sitting and eating at your kitchen bench without bumping elbows.

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