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15th October 2020

Containing the Child Clutter

As most parents know, children make a lot of mess - especially during their play. Sure, playtime is meant to echo the ideas of young, wild and free, but at the end of the day, a tidy, sorted house is a relaxed house. Mocka have a range of storage options that you and your children can use to contain the clutter

Hang it up

Use a Kids Tree Hanger for hanging and sorting clothes - whether it's dress ups or school uniforms. The Kids Tree Hanger is the perfect height for littlies to help with hanging items at the end of the day. For a wall mounted hanger, the Mocka Hang It All - Coloured adds a splash of colour to any room.

Throw it in a box

An absolute must-have in any child-friendly house is the Mocka Toy Box. With soft close hinges to avoid jammed fingers, children can throw their toys out of sight and simply shut the lid. Too easy!

Sort and tidy

Teach your child the art of sorting toys and putting things away neatly, with a Mocka Storage Unit - available in a range of sizes. These units can be used as multi-sectioned book cases, or add some fabric boxes to sort similar toys together. There's a home in every cube, for every toy.

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