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14th October 2020

Contemporary styling with Mocka

Decorating your home in a contemporary style is a simple way to add class and sophistication to your personal space while maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Once thought of to be cold and minimal, modern contemporary styling has shifted direction and is now about creating a clean space that is comfortable and inviting utilising neutral colours, and impacting and accenting with bright or decorative pieces. If you're looking to style your home with contemporary furniture Mocka's range of adult furniture will help you to achieve your desired look without breaking the budget.

When decorating your home in a contemporary style focus on clean lines, textures, colours and shapes, and utilise the space that you are decorating to reflect the pieces you want to showcase. When deciding on colours remember that black is often used to define and ground, whereas whites/neutrals are used to feature and complement. Bright colours can then be added through simple and minimal pieces to define the room. Mocka's Britta Chairs and our red Industrial Stools are a great way to accent a neutral room with texture and colour. Both make stunning feature pieces that, when styled with neutral colours and furniture can add the 'wow' factor to any room.

Lines and spaces are great elements to define, especially if the room you are decorating has striking architectural features. If not, you can add great lines to a room with simple pieces that feature striking lines. Mocka's Albero Coat Rack is a classic piece available in true contemporary colours that feature clean lines and simple curves. This piece can be used as a foundational piece to feature and define the space in the room without overdoing it. Mocka's Twin Coffee Table is another foundational piece that can be used to accent a room with bright statement accessories.

Remember when decorating your room in a contemporary style keep it simple with a neutral colour pallet and use furniture and accessories with bold colours, shapes or textural elements to make a statement. Have fun picking bold pieces that accent the room and create the 'wow' factor.

Contemporary interior design with Mocka

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