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15th October 2020

Create Cohesive Style Throughout your Home

Having a cohesively styled home isn't just a materialistic ideal that home decorating addicts dream about. It can actually impact your life more deeply by creating a clam and fluid environment that promotes relaxing and soothing qualities.

Creating cohesive style involves forming a streamline effect between the rooms in your home, connecting each space through a flow in design and functionality. Theme, colour and décor are features that impact the overall look and feel of a home. When a home is styled cohesively, it can create a fluid experience as you walk from one room to the next.

Cohesive styling is about creating harmony, flow and consistency throughout your home. To create this you need to think about how you are going to decorate your home as a whole rather than each room individually.

Uncovering your primary style is the most important step to complete before you start redecorating. Think about the location of your home, the layout and the style/theme that you would like to create. Some styles can include costal, romantic, contemporary, rustic, country, Asian, vintage, traditional and eclectic. Recognising your primary style is the first step in creating a consistent look throughout your home.

Colour coordinating is the next important step in creating cohesive style. Creating flow through colour can be achieved through paint or décor and accessories. When choosing paint always keep in mind that you can add touches of colour through your soft furnishings, artwork and other accessories. Try to stick with neutral tones that can be easily accented with stylish décor.

If you are interested in painting each room in a different colour, try to stick with four colours that complement each other. Using slightly lighter or darker gradients of one main colour can work well in streamlining each room to improve the flow in the home.

Furnishing your home in a cohesive manner is the final element that can be a little less restrictive. You still want to keep your theme and colour palette consistent however, you can slightly modify each room through furnishings, textures, accessories, artwork and lighting.

Creating a cohesively styled home can be a large task to complete however, the end result will give you a streamline styled home that you will love to relax in.

Images by Tarina Lyell - oh.eight.oh.ninecohesive style fotor

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