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15th October 2020

DIY with Hudson These Holidays

With school holidays starting and Christmas rapidly approaching, many of us have wee ones running around in need of entertainment. Our Hudson Range of Kids Tables, Chairs and Stools provide the perfect work space for all manner of holiday activities. Your children are sure to while away the hours colouring and drawing or playing with building blocks and Lego seated at our Mocka Kids Table and Chairs.

But just when we thought the Hudson Range couldn't get any better, we discover our clever, Mocka Mums and Dads have different ideas - check them out!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hudson Range Hacks. These are the perfect DIY projects for the crafty (or not so crafty) parent to re-vamp any Hudson range products from Kids Tables to the Chairs and Stools.

DIY with Hudson - Body

Whiteboard Vinyl

Instead of simply have a wooden table top on which to draw, how about turning the entire surface into a whiteboard! Simply apply whiteboard vinyl over the wood table top surface and you now have a glossy, white space that your child can draw away at until their hearts content. And the best thing is, one quick wipe and you can start all over again!

Magnetic Blackboard Paint

Similar to the whiteboard, add a layer of magnetic blackboard paint and not only can you leave cute messages for your child, they have fun arranging magnets along the surface. Create a jungle with some animal magnets or Grab a set of word magnets, and you have another tool for your child to learn their letters!


This super cool activity is one you and your child can do together. Grab your paper and scissors and create a collage on the Hudson MINI Table and Chairs. A quick search online will provide a wealth of inspiration. Recycle old children's books and calendars or add a worldly touch with old maps. Not only is this a great up-cycling project, the surface is wonderfully hard-wearing.


The simplest way to hack the Hudson range is to add some paint. Colour the stool seats and table tops in black and white for a magic monochrome look or go bold with bright colours and designs. A great way to add some interest and colour to a room.

Image & Concept Credit: Jordy May Design

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