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15th October 2020

Four Amazing Cots under $380 in Australia

In Australia, as nursery furniture goes, the cot is super important as it will most likely be your baby's bed for two to three years, where they'll sleep safe and sound (and hopefully through the night!).

In addition, your cot is the centrepiece of the nursery and will not only set the tone and style of the space but will also be the spot where a lot of the activity in your nursery will surround.

From daytime naps, bedtime routines and nightly feeds, you'll spend a lot of time putting your baby in and out of your cot.

In order to have a beautiful nursery and a cot that is practical and functional, we often assume it's going to cost us. However, it is possible to find a good quality, stylish cot at an affordable price.

At Mocka, we believe that every child should have the best start in life. That's why we ensure our cots come without the price-tag and are super practical with everything a baby will need to rest safe and sound.

In fact, if the headline didn't give it away already, we are here to show you 4 of our amazing cots all under the bargain price of $380.

In this list there is guaranteed to be cot and price to suit anyone's style and budget. Let's take a closer look at each of the 4 cots.

Mocka Aspiring Cot - Mocka AU

1. Aspiring Cot - $249.95

Perfect for anyone who loves simple, contemporary style that'll match a variety of nursery décor, the Aspiring cot has low-end cost with high-end quality. All about straight lines and clean style, this cot is our most affordable option at only $189.95. Well-constructed from sturdy New Zealand Pine, our Aspiring Cot does not include a drop side which means you and your baby can enjoy a stronger, safer cot. This affordable price doesn't mean you compromise on options though! Instead, this cot is available in three different colours, white, white/natural and natural, so you can find the perfect one that will suit your nursery. Here's what some of our customers have to say about their Aspiring Cot:

"I love my furniture so much.... The quality is amazing and can't believe the price when compared to similar products.... can't recommend highly enough!” - Lucy

"I was on the fence about purchasing the crib given the price was so low and wasn't sure if the reviews could justify why the product was so cheap so there must be something not right here but anyone who is wondering whether or not this is legit, Don't think twice, add it to your cart and purchase it straight away!" - Anon

Mocka Sonata Cot - Mocka AU

2. Sonata Cot - $229.95

A recent addition to our growing range of nursery cots, the Sonata Cot is all about good looks and retro-chic style. With a bright white palate and strong, metal frame - there is so much to love about this stunning piece of nursery

furniture. The metal frame with arched side panels and metal beading, adds a nostalgic charm to this retro-inspired cot, and ensures a sweet style in any nursery. At only $229.95, it is one of our most affordable options for parents-to- be. But don't just listen to us, check out what other parents have to say about the Sonata Cot:

"Beautiful cot at a great price. Amazing product for $1k less than an identical one seen in a & boutique & store."

"Great cot, good value for money, looks lovely in our baby's room and really good quality product. Easy to put together, very sturdy."

Mocka Amalfi Cot - Mocka AU

3. Amalfi Cot - $329.95

The Amalfi Cot is one of our most popular cribs and with its trendy and contemporary style, there is no wondering why. But what our customers love the most about this stunning piece of nursery furniture, is the price-tag! At only $299.95, it is hard to find a cot of the same quality and finish anywhere else on the market. The frame is solid and sturdy and the clean, simple style is ultra- modern. This is a cot that brightens and revitalises any nursery space. Read what the Mocka tribe has to say:

"We have bought all our baby furniture and decor from Mocka, we couldn't be anymore happy with our picks. Low prices, good style, and good quality products, the whole she-bang." - Christobelle

"Great price, great value, great product! So nice to have a baby cot a little different to the rest on the market." - Anon

Mocka Aspen Cot - Mocka AU

4. Aspen Cot - $379.95

Distinctly Scandinavian and effortlessly stylish, the Aspen Cot is the latest cot to be added to our growing range of Australian nursery furniture. This gorgeously on-trend, two-toned baby cot is exceptional style made affordable. At only $379.95, it is hard to find a similar cot on the market at such a low price. Choose from either black/natural, grey/natural or white/natural and add this stunning cot to your nursery. As the brand new cot on the block, we can't wait to hear what our Aussie customers have to say about this chic baby cot.

So, there you have it, 4 amazing cots all under the bargain price of $380. When it comes to nursery furniture in Australia, it's hard to find good quality cots that don't break the bank. This is why we go out of our way to provide affordable options for any budget and style! We'd love to hear which is your favourite cot? Is there a style you'd love to see from us?

Be sure to let us know over on our Facebook page or Instagram account.

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