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15th October 2020

How to Choose the Best Highchair for your Child

Watching your child experiment with different tastes and textures is a whole lot of fun (and lets face it, mess!). Highchairs give your child a safe place to explore their food, while also making it easy for you to supervise meals (and again, lets face it, clean them, the chair, the floor, the dog and probably you, up afterwards). With this is mind, here's the ins and outs of how to choose the best highchair for your child.

Why You Need A Good Highchair

Highchairs are a long-term investment as children often use them up to 2-3 years of age, and some designs can be used up to the age of 4-6 years old. So with an item that is going to be so vital to your everyday routine for years to come, it is essential you find the right highchair for your child.

Things To Look For In A Highchair

Easy to Clean

Remember that mess we spoke about? Well, this means you are going to need a highchair that is easy to clean. This not only includes the frame and tray, but also any cushions used with the chair. Look to see if the highchair has lots of crevices that food could get stuck in and if surfaces are easy to wipe.

Grows with your Child

As previously stated, children can use a highchair anywhere from a few months old up to 6 years of age. Children grow quickly, so ideally a highchair that is design to suit this growth is best. Look for a chair that has seat and foot height adjustability so you can lower as needed to keep your child comfortable. A highchair that can transform into a height-appropriate seat to use against the dining table is also a good option and will ensure a long-term return on your highchair investment.

Safe and Sturdy

Obviously, we want to keep our children safe and a highchair with a sturdy, solid frame is always the best option. Highchairs with wide bases are harder to tip over (also check the accessories as some designs will come with attachments to add to the base to minimise tipping). When children learn to stand up, they are going to want to do it everywhere - even in their highchair. So for added security, ensure a safety harness is used to help keep children secure in their seat.

Stable Highchair - Mocka AU

Highchair Safety Strap - Mocka AU


Your child will sit in their highchair for a longer period of time as they have their meal (and later as they join you at the dining table), so the chair should be comfortable enough for extended use. Seat cushions and inserts are effective to bolster padding.

Our Award-winning Highchairs

Mocka offers two award-winning wooden highchairs that are not only super safe and sturdy, but wonderfully stylish as well.

Mocka Original Highchair

Original Highchair - Mocka AU

Our Mocka Original Highchair sets the standard in highchair safety, functionality and quality. The feeding tray has two adjustable settings, while the seat board and footboard have multiple height options. All of this means the Original Highchair grows safely and comfortably right along side your child.

No more slippery cushions or unsafe booster stools as your baby becomes a toddler, the Mocka Original Wooden Highchair easily transforms into a height-suitable seat at the dining table. Simple remove the tray and raise the seat as needed.

Made from sustainable solid beech-wood, the Mocka Original Wooden Highchair cannot tear, buckle, or warp. Holding up to 60kg, its solid design ensures sturdy support and can be easily and hygienically wiped clean.

Not to mention the stylish wooden design is wonderfully chic and won't look out of place with the rest of the furniture in your home.

Mocka Soho Highchair

Soho Highchair - Mocka AU

Our Mocka Soho Wooden Highchair is a highchair with a difference that makes it easy to include your little one in family meal times. The contemporary styling features a no-tray design so that your toddler can sit at the table with the rest of the family.

Just like the Original Highchair, the Soho Wooden Highchair is fully adjustable with five seat heights and nine foot rest heights. With this adjustability, most children can use the Soho Highchair from 6 months to 6 years old!

A bar at stomach height and a between-the-legs strap can be used while they are younger to help keep them safe, but can be easily removed once no longer needed.

The simple design also makes the Soho Highchair super easy to clean. A quick wipe over is all that is needed after a meal.

For the environmentally conscious, you will also be pleased to know that Mocka's Soho Wooden Highchairs are made from sustainable beech wood that is PEFC certified.

The Soho Wooden Highchair is available in four colour options - Natural, White, Black and White Natural Combo - which makes matching your highchair to the rest of your dining furniture a treat.

Free Extras

Both our Original Highchair and Soho Highchair also come included with a free set of highchair cushions, a Safety Harness and a between-the-legs safety strap. We also provide a free set of leg extenders that can be attached to the bottom of the legs to help minimise the chair from tipping over if rocked. Now who doesn't love freebies?

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