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3rd April 2021

How to Set Up Your Living Room for Under $1000

When it comes to living rooms, often the big bucks are spent on that sublime lounge you have had your eye on for ages. While sinking into that cushy goodness is pure bliss, it doesn't feel as good doing it in an empty room. Happily, Mocka has you covered for the rest. We thought we'd show how you can set up your living room so it is comfortable, practical and stylish....and all for under $1000!

Starting Budget - $1000

First order of business means getting an entertainment unit sorted. We just love our Sadie Entertainment Unit for its simple, modern style. At just $259.95, this beauty is affordable and will set the look and feel of any living room space.

Sadie Entertainment Unit - Mocka AU

Budget Remaining - $740.05

Now that the entertainment unit is sorted, we need some comfortable seating for the room. What's a living room without a recliner? So the Asta Recline ($129.95) is a definite must. This is the perfect chair for watching a movie with your feet up. A Britta Armchair ($119.95) will also look superb and is perfect for a spot of reading. For only $49.95, lets also added a Crochet Pouffe for the cushiest place to rest our feet.

Asta Recline - Mocka AU

Budget Remaining - $450.20

We bet your getting worried now that we are under $500 right? We aren't. The floors are looking a little bare. A Swirl Rug ($59.95) would help add some colour and texture to the room, while adding a layer of comfort to the floors. The simple and stylish Maya Trio Tables ($99.95) would look gorgeous styled over the rug and also be a unique option for a coffee table. While we are in the Maya Range, lets add a Maya Side Table ($49.95) for some side action next to a couch or armchair.

Swirl Rug - Mocka AU

Budget Remaining - $240.35

Now that we have the entertainment unit, armchair and recliner, floor rug, coffee table and side table all sorted, lets concentrate on lighting! A Concrete Lamp would certainly look at home on the side table and will add lovely, ambiance to the space of a night. A mirror will help bounce natural light around the room of a day, so an Astrid Mirror ($29.95) it is!

Budget Remaining - $180.45

With all the essentials covered, we can begin adding some accents to really tie the room together. A Faux Sheepskin ($39.95) will be perfect draped over a lounge or chair. Lets also grab 2 x Mae Cushions @ $19.95 each ($39.90) because hello, accent cushions. A room also doesn't look complete without a little decoration. So a Mae Wall Hanger ($39.95) will finish off the walls nicely. Lastly, we'll add some Felt Coasters ($14.95) to the coffee tables for a fun but practical little accessory.

Mae Cushion Cover - Mocka AU

Total Budget Used - $954.30

So there you have it, a living room set up for easily under $1000! With $45.70 left over, that is plenty of change to grab any candles, prints or a plant that you want to style around the room. Or even better, get a little treat for yourself.


Full List of Mocka Products Used:

Sadie Entertainment Unit $259.95

Asta Recline - Grey $129.95

Britta Armchair - Grey $119.95

Crochet Pouffe $49.95

Swirl Rug $59.95

Maya Trio Tables $99.95

Maya Side Table $49.95

Astrid Mirror $29.95

Faux Sheepskin $39.95

2 x Mae Cushion Covers @ 19.95 each ($39.90)

Felt Coasters $14.95

Prices correct as of [11th september 2017]

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