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5th September 2020

How to Style a Side Table


Whether they're in a bedroom or a living area, side tables usually end up cluttered with junk and odd bits and pieces. It can be hard to style side tables and get the right look for the room due to their small surface area and practical nature however; with a few simple styling tricks you can transform any side table into a beautiful space that will completely refresh the room.

When styling a side table think about height, colour, shape and detail. The overall look of your side table styling will depend on the design and shape of the table. Round side tables look great styled with simple objects that enhance the circular lines, whereas small and square side tables suit objects that have curves to balance out the straight lines and angles. If you have a large wooden side table you will want to offset the heavy elements with softer accessories and colours. Balancing the style of your side table with different shaped décor will help to create a cohesively styled space with components that complement each other.

Height is an important element to consider when adding accessories and décor to your side tables. Choose objects that are tall, medium and small in stature as well as wide and thin. Unless you have a large piece of artwork leaning against the wall, a lamp is usually the most prominent piece on a side table. To achieve various heights, use a few coffee table books stacked on top of each other and place a vase of flowers or a statement object on top. Use small or flat objects like trinket trays to add subtle detail to the surface of the table.

When adding colour to your side table, choose a colour scheme that blends well with the table and the room. Style an attractive mix of coloured and textured objects that complement each other but ensure that you don't over clutter the space.

Regardless of the size or shape of your side table, you can create a look that is suitable for both your lifestyle and interior décor theme. Have fun mixing and matching objects and colours to create a look that you will love.

Images by Katy Thomas - They Eye Spy Milk bar, The Style Compass, The Jaded Monkey, Tarina Lyell - oh.eight.oh.nine, Clair Barnes and The Urban Quarters.

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