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15th October 2020

How to Style Your Home Office On a Budget

The home office is fast becoming a stable in most homes. With gorgeous office space trending on social media, many are often tempted to run straight out and drop a whole lot of money to achieve the same awesome look. But you don't need to spend a small fortune to create a beautiful and functional home office (with all the gorgeous office furniture trimmings). So for every student, mumpreneur or start-up, check out our top tips on styling a home office on a budget.

Plan the Space

The best way to keep an office space on budget is with planning. Plan out the space, the office furniture you will need and most importantly, where they will go. This will ensure you only buy what you actually need and will allow you to allocate more funds towards essential items such as desks, chairs and office storage.

Buy New But at Bargain Prices

Regardless of what your impulses say, you don't need to run out and buy everything at once. Take your time. Because we spent all that time planning, we know exactly what we need and can keep an eye out for sales that will save us money on new products. Not that we are tooting our own horn (okay, we are totally tooting our own horn) but Mocka runs specials every week from Monday through to Sunday on a range of products which often include our office furniture. That along with our end-of-line sales, super sale and 'just-because-we-are-nice- prices, anyone can deck their offices out with Mocka Office Furniture and not break the budget doing it!


Affordable Office Desk - White
Trestle Desk - Mocka AU

Essentials Come First

When it comes to office furniture, consider the essential a good home office needs - a sturdy desk, a comfy chair, functional storage and good light (natural and secondary). With your budget in mind, tackle these essentials first and foremost so you can get to work without delay. The rest of the office furniture and décor can be added as you go.

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