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14th October 2020

Imaginary Play with a Mocka Teepee

Imaginary play plays an important role in the development of a child's mind and can help them to develop creative thinking, problem solving and role playing. Imaginary play allows children to enter into imaginary worlds where they can be anything or be anywhere that they want to be.

Mocka design a fun range of toys that help to encourage children to use their imagination and their Teepee's are one of their customer's favourite items. Mocka's Teepee's are fantastic for encouraging children to get creative and use their imaginations to explore the world in different ways. A Mocka Teepee isn't just a Teepee; with some simple styling it can be anything that your child wants it to be. It's easy to style a Mocka Teepee to create fun imaginative scenarios all year round. Below are a few examples of how you can style your Mocka Teepee to encourage your child to use their imagination.

On a deserted island Your children will love imaging that they are stranded on a deserted island surrounded by shark infested water. Mocka's Blue Stripe Teepee or Montana Teepee is fantastic for setting up a deserted island scene. Set your child's Teepee up near the sandpit to act as the island and Lay down a piece of blue fabric to act as the shark infested ocean. Surround the Teepee with pots of greenery to act as the islands jungle. String up some buntings for flags and place a stack of sticks in a pile to resemble a fire pit. Your child will love this scene and will spend many hours thinking of ways to escape the island without getting eaten by hungry sharks.

Camping in the wilderness Does your child love to go camping? Camping is great for children however, due to weather and other restrictions it just can't be feasible. Have you tried camping inside at home? Take your child camping inside and set up their Teepee like a tent. Lay down some comfortable bedding, string up some fairy lights for stars and place some lanterns around to create the feeling of camping underneath the stars. Get cosy inside the Teepee and read a book together with a torch. Your child will love imagining that they are in the wilderness.

A fairy wonderland Your little girl will be entertained for hours playing in her own fairy wonderland. Mocka's Girly Girl Teepee or Pink Strip Teepee is fantastic for setting up a fairy wonderland. You can make it even more magical for your child by stringing up some home-made pom pom garlands, tassel garlands or Mocka's Red Dots Bunting. Set it up in the garden where they can flutter around all day long.

Cowboys and Indians Cowboys and Indians is always a fun game for children and you can easily boost your child's wild imagination with Mocka's Cowboys Teepee. Set it up in the back yard with some Hobby Horses and cowboy hats or Indian head pieces to set the scene. You can learn how to make some colourful and easy Indian paper feather headpieces on our blog.

There are many more ways that you can style your Mocka Teepee to create different scenarios to spur your child's wild imagination. Your child will never top playing and learning with Mocka. Mocka Teepees

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