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19th March 2024

Mocka Art Series: Supporting Talented Female Artists - Carrie Broomhall

Carrie Broomhall 

At Mocka, we believe in the power of art to transform spaces and captivate hearts. We are proud to collaborate with talented local female artists and invite you to discover the captivating Beauty and Imagination of New Zealand artist Carrie Broomhall. Let her joyful creations spark your own creative journey, and together, let's celebrate the brilliance of female artists and the impact they have on our lives.

Q: Can you tell us the story behind your art, Carrie? 

A: Certainly! My paintings are a beautiful blend of an imagined space and a nostalgic view of my childhood home on the hill. It holds a special place in my heart as it brings back cherished memories of that magical time in my life. The vibrant rainbow of flowers flowing down the hillside captures the essence of joy and wonderment that I felt during those days.

Q: What emotions or feelings do you intend to evoke through your artwork? 

A: I aim to evoke pure joy and ignite the viewer's imagination through my artwork. As I create, I pour my own energy and enthusiasm into each piece, hoping that it resonates with others in the same way. My intention is for my art to transport people to a place untouched by constraints, where they can experience a sense of freedom and delight.

Q: What inspires you, Carrie? 

A: The past decade of my life has been a transformative journey. I faced my own mortality when I battled aggressive muscle invasive bladder cancer, which left me feeling like a mere shell of my former self. However, this experience ignited a new chapter in my life, fueled by the incredible support of my family and my deep love for the life I still have. It is this profound gratitude and appreciation that constantly inspires me to create and embrace every moment.

Q: What space do you envision this piece in people's homes? 

A: The ideal placement for this piece depends on its size. If it's a larger version, it would be stunning in a kitchen or living space, radiating an abundance of light and becoming a vibrant focal point. It would be exciting to coordinate the colors with cushions or throws, drawing inspiration from the painting itself. On the other hand, a bedroom would provide a dreamy and serene atmosphere for this piece. Honestly, I believe it would thrive in any room, fitting seamlessly into various home aesthetics.

Q: How do you select your colour palette? 

A: My colour palette selection is influenced by numerous factors. It can vary depending on the season I'm in, my current mood, or even the music playing in the background. I find inspiration in fashion and architecture as well. Oftentimes, I discover colour ideas while flipping through magazines, sipping a coffee or enjoying a glass of wine. It's a fluid and organic process that allows me to infuse my artwork with diverse hues that resonate with my creative vision.

Discover more work from Carrie Broomhall 

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