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19th March 2024

Mocka Art Series: Supporting Talented Female Artists - Steffi Foo

Steffi Foo

We are so excited to partner with the creative Steffi Foo in our three-part local female art series, a celebration in honour of International Women's Day. Learn more about Steffi’s process and the inspiration behind her Art. Her intention is to evoke emotions of unity and connection, bringing a sense of community and belonging through her art.

Q: Steffi, tell us about the story behind your art? 

A: Of course! For me, creating art has always been a way to ground myself in the present moment and find creativity in the everyday. But it wasn't until 2020, during the uncertainty of the Sydney lockdowns, that my artwork became a way to connect with others while sustaining myself financially. I connected with over two hundred individuals, hearing their stories before creating custom artwork for their homes or as gifts, especially for those they couldn't see. It's been a deeply meaningful and personal journey for me.

Q: What kind of emotions or feelings do you hope to convey through your artwork? 

A: My intention with my art is to foster a sense of unity, connection and community. I want my pieces to inspire a feeling of belonging, hopefully reminding people that they are not alone in their experiences and that beauty can be found in shared storytelling.

Q: What inspires you to create art? 

A: One of the biggest inspirations for me is people who use their creative talents to connect with others. I see my art as a platform to spotlight the underheard voices of our world while also educating and raising awareness on important issues through beautiful pieces. Ultimately, my goal is to unite us as humans through the language of art.

Q: What space do you envision your artwork fitting into people's homes?  

A: As each piece I create is custom-made, they are versatile enough to be placed in any room in the house. Having said that, my living room or bedroom pieces seem to be the most frequently requested spaces. The themes of connection and community often work well in shared spaces and those where we can experience the comfort and safety of our homes.

Q: How do you choose your color palette? 

A: Naming my color palettes after the cities I've lived in or visited, I draw inspiration from the colours and textures I observe in each place. Clients can select from my existing palettes, or create their own custom one. One of my favorite custom palettes was requested for a piece called "Vancouver", named after the city where a client had his first date with his fiancé. It's this kind of personalised touch that gives me so much joy as an artist.

Interested in buying a Steffi Foo Print? 

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