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15th October 2020

Mocka Tips: How to Choose a Coffee Table

Choosing a coffee table for your lounge room can be just as difficult as choosing a big ticket item like a bed or a lounge. The coffee table is the centrepiece of the lounge room and is used in more ways than just sitting your cup of coffee on it.

A coffee table defines the space of the room so to ensure that you choose the right table for your space, read through Mocka's tips on choosing the perfect coffee table for your lounge room.


Round coffee tables are great for homes with busy children and pets running around, as there are no sharp edges for them to hurt themselves on. A round coffee table will provide you with more room in your lounge room over a square or rectangle table due to its cutaway edges.

The curves on a round coffee table can also complement and balance out a room that is strong in solid lines and geometry.


Square coffee tables need a lot of space. They look great styled with a chaise or corner lounge. They are perfect for large lounge rooms and for people that entertain regularly.


If your lounge room is long and skinny then you might be interested in a rectangle coffee table to complement the space. Rectangle coffee tables will provide you with adequate space for all of your lounge room essentials without overpowering the room.


Low coffee tables are great for adding varying levels of décor to your living area including your lounge, side tables and TV unit. Low coffee tables also give a relaxed and inviting feeling to the room. When choosing a low coffee table just keep in mind that it should be no lower than 1-2 inches than the lounge for convenience.

Wood, glass or metal

Deciding on a material for your coffee table can be tricky and most of the time outsider influencers play a big part in that decision. Most people steer clear of glass coffee tables when they have children for safety purposes.

Metal is right on trend at the moment but can make the area look cold and uninviting. If you choose a metal coffee table you should accessorise the room with warm coloured décor.

Wooden coffee tables are the most popular choice of material as they are sturdy, durable and won't shatter.

Storage or no storage

Opting for a coffee table that does or doesn't provide you with storage options is more of a personal choice. Some people love storage for practical reasons, allowing them to hide away magazines, remotes, books and DVD's.

Some people love having a simple coffee table with no storage so they can decorate it with a vase of flowers and some coffee table books.

Take these tips into consideration when purchasing your next coffee table and enjoy the space that you create in your lounge room.

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