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15th October 2020

Mocka's Balance Bike Riding Tips

Learning how to ride a balance bike for the first time can be a fun experience for some children, while other children can find it to be an overwhelming experience.

Learning to balance before peddling is one of the most important elements of learning how to ride a balance bike which is why balance bikes are becoming a popular choice over training wheels.

The most important factor to consider when purchasing a balance bike is to ensure that your child can put both of their feet flat on the ground.

Below are some tips to encourage your child to learn how to ride their balance bike.

Start by walking

If your child is hesitant to hop on their balance bike, start by encouraging them to walk the bike by holding both handles. This will get them use to the concept of holding the bike handles in their hands and steering it.

Teach your child about weight and balance

Most children don't understand the concept of how a bike works, and that it requires weight and movement to propel them forward.

Your child might understand the concept of sitting on a chair, but don't forget that a bike is a foreign object to them, and one that they must learn to trust.

Start by holding the bike and getting your child to hop on and off the bike seat. Encourage them to use it just like sitting on a chair. Once they have established that they can put all of their weight onto the bike seat just like a normal seat, you can then you can teach them how to balance.

Hold the bike by the seat and make sure your child knows that you won't let the bike fall over. Once they are comfortable and trust that you have the bike stable, it's time to encourage them to learn how to ride the bike.

Take it one step at a time

Start by encouraging them to take it one step at a time. Once they have built up the courage to ride the bike slowly, they will then gradually build trust and momentum with each step, and in no time they will be gliding along.

Take it on every walk

Don't go on a walk without taking your child's balance bike. This tip might be annoying at first as you might have to carry the bike for a while but persistence will eventually pay off. If your child doesn't want to ride their balance bike, try to encourage them to ride it part of the way.

The more persistence that you have the quicker they will learn how to ride their balance bike.

In the end every child will pick up riding a balance bike at different stages. The important thing is to keep trying until they do.

Bike riding tips for balance bikes

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