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14th October 2020

Mocka's Nursery Essentials

In their first couple of months a baby will spend the majority of their time sleeping and feeding in the nursery. Therefore, making a beautiful sanctuary for both you and your baby is probably the best gift you can give.  Mocka is helping mums to be well prepared for their baby's first night at home by designing practical and stylish nursery essentials.

Mocka has made it easy to set up a new nursery or add extras to an existing one by designing the essential products required for every new born baby. Mocka has designed two cots that are durable, contemporary and comfortable. The Mocka Amalfi Cot and the Mocka Aspiring Cot will suit any nursery theme. Designed to grow through your baby's stages both cots can be set to bassinet height during their infancy stage, lowered once they are able to sit up and then converted to a toddler bed.

Mocka's has also designed two styles of baby change tables. A sturdy and stylish change table with draws that will store and hide everything you can think of and more. It too can grow with your child and be converted to a practical draw set once your baby is out of nappies.

Mocka's folding change table is the best space saving piece if that is what you're after. It's a hammock style change table with storage pockets on the side to hold all of the essential items. If your nursery is a bit small but you don't want to sacrifice precious floor time with your little one then this easy foldup change table is perfect for you.

Lastly, you will need to have a very comfortable nursing chair. Mocka's Asta Chair will get you through breastfeeding and nursing both day and night. It was designed specifically for this purpose and is one of Mocka's most comfortable chairs. Now that you have the essentials covered, you need to think about sprucing it up. Forget about mobiles, Mocka's colourful buntings will have your baby in a gaze. Mocka's ladder shelves will display all of your baby's soon to be favourite toys and a rocking horse will entertain your baby as it grows.

Whether it's the essentials, extras or the whole kit and caboodle, Mocka is here to help mums and dads create an inexpensive, stylish and comfortable nursery. Minimising the stress and helping you to relax and enjoy the journey with your new born baby.

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