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14th October 2020

Mocka's Classic Children's Toys

There are a great range of classic toys that continue to make their way into family homes throughout generations. Toys including rocking horses, easels, block trolleys, hobby horses and more are continually being reinvented and redesigned because children love them. They are the toys that your children play with non-stop and the ones that they remember right though to adulthood. Mocka design a range of fun classic toys that children can learn fundamental skill from.

How many times have you heard your child ask for a dolls pram? The classic dolls pram has been around since the 1900's and is a favourite and much loved toy among children. The Mocka Moova is the latest toy to hit Mocka's store and is a fun take on the classic children's doll pram. The Moova is built for durability with its solid wooden frame and wheels making it a perfect dolls pram for your child to use throughout their childhood and pass down to siblings when they outgrow it. Its fun colourful design will excite any child and it has plenty of room for all of your child's dolls and toys. The classic dolls pram is a great toy for encouraging social role playing with friends. The Moova can also encourage your child to take on a small amount of responsibility by caring for their dolls or toys.

Mocka's Hobby Horses are another new arrival at Mocka that will have your child running around the house with excitement. Mocka's Hobby Horses, Mr Ed and Miss Rose, are a fun take on the traditional style hobby horse and feature adorable faces that your child will fall in love with. Mocka's hobby horses also make a sweet horse sound with the squeeze of their ear making it seem even more realistic to your child. Hobby Horses are great for inspiring imaginative play and are perfect for encouraging your child to play outside in the garden.

The classic easel is another toy that has been loved and cherished in households for centuries. Mocka's Easel is a classic toy that will keep your child busy learning. Your child will love having their very own area in the house where they can get creative and play whenever they like. Mocka's Easel features a white board on one side and a chalk board on the other making it perfect for households with multiple children. Easels are a great way to encourage drawing, spelling and creativity while making it seem fun to your child.

Classic toys will continue to make their way into family homes as they provide hours of fun and entertainment while help your child to learn new skill through play. Mocka's quality classic toys are great investments for families who can pass them down to siblings. Browse Mocka's website to view their great range of classic toys.

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