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3rd April 2020

Pros + Cons Of Drop-Side Cots - Learn More At Mocka

When it comes to cots, there is often much debate about whether a drop-side cot or a fixed side cot is best. Many modern designs are forgoing the drop-side for fixed, leaving parents-to-be wondering which is the best option. So to help out, Mocka have put together a quick, no-fuss pros and cons list for the traditional drop-side cots to help any new parent make an informed decision.

Drop-side cots have three fixed sides, and one side which can slide up or down to make it easier for parents to pick up and place the baby back into their cot. Despite their initial popularity, drop-side cots have now been banned in the USA and Canada, and in Europe drop-side cots are required to lock in the dropped position for additional safety.

Here are the main benefits of a drop-side cot:


  • Drop-side means parents don't have to reach over as far to pick up or place down a baby
  • Easier to lay a child down without waking them
  • Beneficial for parents with back problems
  • Easier to change bedding on the cot mattress with the side lowered
  • Drop sides are a more traditional design so can be easier to find second-hand

However, there are many negatives to drop-side cots which should be considering when selecting a new cot for your nursery.


  • Wear and tear on latches can become a serious safety concern with drop-sides mechanisms failing
  • Can be difficult to unclasp a latch and drop the side while holding a sleeping baby
  • Some drop-sides can be noisier to operate around a sleeping child
  • Due to moving parts, not always as sturdy as fixed cots
  • Often more expensive than the fixed-side equivalent
  • Often cannot easily be converted to a toddler bed
  • Starting to be phased out with manufacturers and retailers due to declining popularity

Overall it is really up to you and what will suit you and your baby best. At Mocka we stock a full range of fixed-side cots and cot mattresses, all of which are manufactured and tested in accordance with AS/NZS 2172 safety standards for peace of mind.

For any more information about fixed cots or drop-side cots, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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