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15th October 2020

Side Table Style Tips


From coffee tables to bookcases, dressers and shelves, our homes are full of surfaces in need of styling. As if we didn't need another surface to style, side tables are all the buzz. They are often also the most overlooked piece of furniture in a home. Whether it is for the bedroom, living room or home office, here are four simple and inspiring tips to style this essential piece of furniture.

Let there be light

To add ambient, honeyed light, delicious scents and glinting trinkets and bowls, lighting on a side table is a must. Try a shapely statement lamp, clusters of scented candles or a mixture of both to instil design flair and functionality to any side table.

All the Shapes and Sizes

Create balance and interest by mixing and layering objects in varying heights, shapes and sizes. Groupings of three work best and stacked books or magazines are ideal for adding height. Place a bowl on top of a stack of magazines, a small item in front of a larger one or a lamp partly covering an artwork. This will provide contrast and character to what can otherwise be a bland furniture piece.

Green & Good

And we don't just mean the colour. Fresh flowers and houseplants are perfect accents for a side table. With this single element you can add colour, texture and scent. Flowers can also be changed regularly for variety. If you don't have a green thumb, an interesting succulent is a good choice. These organic elements are sure to refresh even the most tired side table.

Make it personal

Design should start from yourself and the things you love. So don't forget to incorporate objects that mean something to you. Be it a favourite book, a family heirloom or family photographs, these elements will ensure your personality gets to shine through in your design.

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