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15th October 2020

Storage for Under $50

Storage is an essential part of any home furnishings. Whether you have built in cupboards or freestanding drawers, having plenty of accessible storage in every room helps to maintain a clean and tidy house. From wardrobes to baskets, there is a variety of storage options that you can add to your home to keep your rooms clutter free. Below are five affordable storage options that you can add to any size home.

Concealed Storage

Furniture that has a concealed storage compartment is perfect for disguising the clutter in kids' bedrooms. Mocka's Popcorn Seats and Pod Seats are multifunctional stools that have hidden storage compartments underneath the padded seat. These seats are great for storing Lego, dolls, arts and crafts or extra blankets. They also add a fun pop of colour to the room.

Stackable Storage

Stackable storage is an excellent option for the smaller spaces in your home. Stackable storage like Mocka's Stacka allows you to increase the storage space by stacking your storage boxes vertically. You can make use of an empty corner in a bedroom by filling each Stacka Box and then stacking another one on top. You can even label each box to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.


Baskets are fantastic storage pieces for lounge rooms and bedrooms. Available in a set of three, Mocka's Wire Baskets can be styled together to hold a range of household pieces or can be scattered throughout your home to add essential storage to various rooms. These versatile baskets are great for storing blankets, toys, towels, magazines, books and more.


Wall mounted furniture provides perfect storage for smaller houses. Mocka's Floating Shelf can be hung on many walls to add storage and display space to a room. You can decorate them with your favourite artwork, photo frames and books. The practical wall mounted design provides you with storage that doesn't encroach on the floor space in the room.

Hanging Space

An easy way to keep a room tidy is to install hanging space in a room where coats, bags, umbrellas and hats can easily be hung up instead of dumped on the floor. Mocka's Neo Rack and Hang It All are contemporary wall mounted hanging racks that also make a stylish stand alone statement. For a kid's bedroom, Mocka's Kids Tree Hangers are fun brightly coloured coat racks that are perfect for hanging dress ups, school bags, hats and jackets. They make it easy for kids to keep their rooms tidy.

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