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27th March 2020

Storage Solutions: Choosing the Right Buffet for your Home

If you're on a quest for the perfect piece of  furniture that can not only enhance your home's aesthetic but also provide versatile storage solutions, then look no further than the buffet. A buffet, also known as a sideboard, is a functional and stylish addition to your dining roomliving room, or even your home office. However, with a myriad of choices available, finding the right buffet for your home can become a daunting task. In this guide, we'll explore various aspects of choosing the perfect buffet to meet your storage needs and match your home's decor.

Understanding Your Storage Needs

Before you start shopping for a  buffet, it's crucial to determine your storage requirements. Are you looking to store fine china, glassware, or table linen? Or do you need a place for toys, office supplies, and miscellaneous items? Consider the specific items you plan to store in your buffet, as this will influence the size, type, and features of the buffet you should choose.

Moreover, consider where you plan to place the buffet. It's typically situated in a dining room or a living room, but you might also consider placing one in your home office to store documents or in your entryway for a convenient spot to drop keys and mail. The location plays a significant role in determining the style and size of the buffet. In a dining room, for example, you'lllikely want a buffet that complements your dining table. In an entryway, you'll want one that's more focused on convenience and possibly providing a decorative surface for  decor items. Understanding your storage and placement needs will help guide you in selecting the perfect buffet for your home.

Buffet Styles for Your Décor

Once you've assessed your storage needs and where you'll place your buffet, it's time to think about the style that best suits your decor. Your choice of style can significantly impact the overall ambiance and aesthetics of the room. Here are some popular styles to consider:

buffet mid century

Mid-Century Modern Buffets: If your home features sleek lines, organic forms, and a timeless retro appeal, then a mid-century modern buffet might be the perfect choice. These buffets often incorporate rich, dark woods, tapered legs, and minimalistic designs, bringing an air of vintage charm to your space.

coastal buffet

Coastal Buffets (Classic & Modern): Whether you prefer the classic, timeless appeal of coastal decor or a more modern interpretation, coastal buffets can help bring the beachside ambiance into your home. Classic coastal styles often incorporate light and painted timbers, creating a fresh and tranquil atmosphere. Modern coastal designs include materials like rattan and linen, offering a contemporary twist on seaside aesthetics.

urban industrial buffet

Urban Industrial Buffets: For those who appreciate the raw, industrial look and the aesthetics of contemporary city living, an urban industrial buffet might be the ideal choice. These buffets often feature materials like metal and raw timbers. The design is characterised by clean, angular lines and modular functionality, perfect for those who want to make a bold style statement. 

summar buffet

Minimal Scandi Buffets: Minimal Scandi buffets draw inspiration from Scandinavian design principles, known for their clean lines, functionality, and an appreciation of natural materials. This style is ideal for those seeking a timeless, cosy charm in their decor. You'll often find buffets in light woods or painted finishes, seamlessly blending comfort, and style.

Choosing the right buffet style is essential to ensure your new furniture piece harmonises with your existing decor and enhances the overall look of your home. Whether you're going for the timeless appeal of mid-century modern, the tranquil ambiance of coastal designs, the sleek urban industrial look, or the cosy charm of minimal Scandi, there's a buffet style to suit your preferences.

Size and Placement

Once you understand your storage needs and the style that matches your decor, consider the size of the buffet. Measure the available space in your dining or living room to ensure the buffet will fit comfortably. Buffets are typically larger than standard side tables, so it's essential to choose the right dimensions.

Storage Features

Buffets come with a variety of storage options. Look for features such as shelves, drawers, cabinets, and wine racks. The ideal storage features will depend on your storage needs. If you're storing fine crockery, glassware, or linens, cabinets with shelves may be ideal. For office supplies or toys, drawers can help keep items organised.

Buffet as Decor

Don't forget that a buffet can also serve as a stylish focal point in your room. Think about how your buffet complements your other furniture and decor items. Consider adding decorative elements like table lamps, artwork, or decorative vases to enhance the buffet's visual appeal.

Finishing Touches Consider

Look at details like hardware and finishes. The handles or knobs can be swapped out to match your decor, and the finish of the buffet should harmonise with your room's colour palette.

eclipse black buffet

Choosing the right buffet for your home involves assessing your storage needs, matching your decor style, considering size and placement, exploring storage features, evaluating material and quality, and adding those finishing touches that make your buffet a functional yet stylish part of your home. By considering these factors, you can select the perfect buffet that enhances your home's aesthetic and offers valuable storage solutions. Buffets aren't just functional; they're the finishing touch that brings your space together. 

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