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3rd April 2022

Styling Smaller Spaces

When it comes to apartments and homes, small gets a bad wrap. But this shouldn't put you off opting for a smaller home or room. A small space is really just a few considered steps away from cosy and warm and this is something that can be achieved with smart design. We have put together some hot tips on styling a smaller space to achieve practical rooms that look and feel bigger and brighter.


A little restraint in your palate will go a long way in making a smaller space feel and look bigger. Too many materials, colours and furniture pieces will quickly clutter a small room. Instead, opt for a neutral palate with a couple of key materials and colours. White is the ultimate brightener and paired with a blonde wood or grey material, will keep a room light and airy. If you feel like this is going to cramp your style, don't forget a neutral palate will make signature, colour pieces really pop!


In close-quarters, free space can be a luxury. This is why getting creative and freeing up some floor-space is a must. Instead of investing in bookcases and larger storage units, opt to use the vertical space on a wall and float them. Wall-mounted boxes and floating shelves are great options. They not only provide additional storage for décor pieces, they also create a feature on your wall.


vibe books


In a small space storage can be an issue, so you really need to make use of every square inch. Try some under bed storage boxes to capitalise on the wasted space under your bed or invest in some corner shelves to fill those nooks and crannies. If you have space under your stairs, they make a great study nook. Find a slimline desk that fits the space and use a stool that can be easily tucked under the desk when not in use.

zest underbed storage

marlow desk


A small-space game changer is portable furniture. Get a coffee table, storage crate or side table that has wheels (or is just plain easy to move) and you have a space that is easy to conform to whatever you need it to be. Extra legroom? No problem, just roll your coffee table out of the way. Need to set your drinks down? Scoot it on back. It's a win-win.

bronx coffee table

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