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15th October 2020

Stylist of the Month - Belinda Nihill

When it comes to designing a room for your child, it is hard to know where to start. The amount of products available for children's bedrooms can be overwhelming and this often creates a challenge in designing a space that befits both you and your child's personality.

Our Stylist of the Month, Belinda from Nest Design Studio, is a leading influencer in Children's Interior Design in Australia - helping parents bridge the gap between baby store bedrooms and stunning, individual creations.

Belinda has styled our Toy Box, Post Box 3, Jimmy Stand, Kids Acapulco Chair and Felt Basket, and they certainly look amazing! Here are Belinda's five golden eggs fresh from her design nest on how to create a unique and personalised room for your child.

Blog - Felt Basket

1. Make it personal

Create a special space that allows you and your child's personality to shine through. Don't fill your space with the latest and trendiest items "just because” - fill the space with treasures full of meaning. That doesn't mean if your child loves tractors, you should hang a giant tractor print up. Think outside the box. Search for a cool blueprint poster of a tractor or a tractor cushion. Touches like this will add true individuality to a space.

Blog - Toy Box

2. Plan

Rather than buying items just to wonder where to put them, plan and create a well thought out space. Gather your ideas on Pinterest and make sure you think about how you will use the products and where they will go. Planning is essential in good design.

3. Think small

Small business, that is. Trawl Instagram for five minutes and you will find loads of amazing small businesses creating magical products. These products are unique and add interesting elements to a room. If you find it isn't exactly what you are after, see if you can get something custom made. Never be afraid to ask!

Blog - Acapulco

4. Pare it back

Tempting as it is to have all the pretty things out and on display at once, this quickly overwhelms a space. Less, really is more. If you have lots of products you love - rotate and change out shelves and prints on a regular basis. Not only will this help to pare back a room, it will make sure you always have variety.

Blog - Post Box

5. Texture

Texture is one of the most under-used elements in kids bedrooms and nurseries. Think about ways to incorporate blankets, rugs, handles and storage. Try different materials such as felt, leather, timber and sheepskins. You will find it gives the room another layer.

Photos by Nest Design Studio

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