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15th October 2020

Take Five with an After-5 Retreat


In the aftermath of the Easter long weekend, with a mean sugar hangover, come Tuesday morning we found it hard to get out of bed and beat the traffic back to work.

If, like us, you have found yourself watching the minute hand and daydreaming about your long weekend that seemed to pass to quickly, we have just the thing to help you beat the back to work blues - our best after five retreats featuring some key Mocka products. Check them out!

The Netflix Binge

If your ideal after five retreat usually means binge watching episodes from your latest TV show obsession, then a new lounge room may be in the cards. Enter the Marlow Entertainment Unit. This funky, retro-inspired unit will revamp the style of any space. Complete the look with a statement rug, a cool coffee table and some low-key lighting - and you can transform your lounge room into the ultimate cosy den for all your binge-watching needs. Enjoy!

A Lounging Oasis

For many of us, an ideal after five relax couldn't get any better than a comfy chair, a glass of wine and a good book. Create a comfy reading nook in a corner of your bedroom or living room by combining the Britta Chair with a footstool, side table and lamp. The perfect spot to relax and escape into your imagination.

Invoke the Style Gods

If style is your name and beautifying is your game, then your ultimate after five escape might just mean making offerings to the style gods. Take five and get creative styling frames, candles, vases and baskets with our Jesse Living Table. Plenty to appease even the most demanding style god!

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