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15th October 2020

Top 3 Entryway Style Tips


Does it make you cringe to think the first thing your guests (and you) see when entering your home is your entryway table? What with the out-the-door clutter and the assortment of paraphernalia unceremoniously emptied onto the surface (most likely collected from the bottom of your handbag or in your far-reaching corners of your pockets). As a result, most entryways are more scary than welcoming. So with this in mind, we present our top 3 tips for styling your entryway so it exudes style and comfort rather than chaotic clutter.

Top 3 Tips for Entryway Styling 1

1. The Right Table Makes all the Difference

When it comes to entryway tables, make like goldilocks and get one that fits just right. Tall, slimline tables and desks are ideal choices. They keep entryways bright and open - perfect for that welcoming feeling. If you can, select a table with a couple of drawers. They allow you to keep necessities such as mail, wallets and keys still on hand but out of sight.

Top 3 Tips for Entryway Styling 3

2. Variety is the Spice of Life

When it comes to choosing and arranging décor for your entryway, don't be afraid to mix it up. Big framed prints, figurines, statues, and bowls (in varying heights, shapes and sizes) all work well to create different layers. Also, try to think about their practicality. A unique concrete statue could be used to hang a bracelet or watch on - ready for when you're next out the door. Or a metallic bowl can add some bling while also holding keys and change.

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3. Pillows and Blankets and Baskets...Oh My!

If you have additional storage space underneath your table, the use it! Fabric baskets and crates are great to house hats, scarves and shoes. Or add some accessories to achieve a certain style, such as a large floor cushion and rug. This creates a great first impression and exudes comfort and style to all who enter your home.

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