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15th October 2020

Urban Industrial Design With Mocka

At Mocka we love a gorgeous Urban Industrial designed space. The combination of old and new, raw and refined have us looking like human versions of the heart-eyed emoticon.

For a style that is all about raw, minimalist open areas, the furniture and décor used in an Urban Industrial style helps to define the space and adds those intimate touches that transform a room into a home.

To share the love, we have compiled some tips and tricks on how to nail an Urban Industrial look with some of our favourite Mocka products.

Raw Edge

With this style, it is all about the raw materials. Focus on incorporating furniture made from natural woods, even better if you can see the imperfections and grains. The Mocka Trestle Desk is the ideal pick. Not only does it have a classic design and eight colour combinations to choose from, the new Trestle Desk - Laminate has a natural edging around the desk top to showcase the raw timber within.

Mix and Match Woods with Metals

Now you have your key wooden pieces, it is time to add metal to the mix. A key element to Urban Industrial design is the textural and visual interplay of natural wood and sleek metals. The Porto Shelves, Mocka Lockas and Industrial Stools are the perfect candidates to add sleek materials to a room. These metallic beauties will add key statement pieces and provide a nice contrast in materials. You can even experiment with a pop of colour with the Lockas or Industrial Stools!

Pair with Soft Fabrics and Décor

Without a little softening, some of the rawer and more industrial pieces may feel a tad overwhelming. This is why it is important to incorporate softer décor - cushions, rugs and plants - to counterbalance the room. Use a plush Britta Chair, jute Circa Rug or our Fabric and Denim Baskets for a softer, fabric touch. For a neat idea of industrial meets soft, use our Mocka Wire Baskets to house large pot plants or extra throws and cushions. All of these elements will add warmth and a homely quality to the room.

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