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15th October 2020

Which Mocka Desk Are You?


Instagram. Blogging. Online businesses. There has been a boom in online opportunities, making a home office the new must-have space in any modern home. The most important feature of any office is the desk and having the right desk for who you are is essential to create a stellar workspace. So whether you're a planner or devil-may-care; prefer simple styling over statement pieces; THE tidy queen or an organised mess, we have the ideal desks to upgrade and inspire any workspace (and worker!).

The Trestle Desk Creative

the trestle desk creativeIn the mind for getting creative? Then you might just be drawn to the Trestle Desk, Reminiscent of makeshift workstations in studios, sheds and workshops, this classic design makes for a practical desk for all your creative needs. Arts, crafts, designing, illustrating and more. Working on more than one project? No problem. The large surface space of the Trestle Desk allows you to spread out and take up room. Classic Trestle Desk chic is sure to inspire every artist within.

The Maya Multi-Tasker

maya desk

The Maya Desk is perfect for the busy, multi-tasker. With dual work surfaces you have the option for multi-screen choices and folder storage. A spacious surface area, drawer and compartment helps to keep everything tidy and on task. The simple, clean design creates a neutral workspace to keep even the busiest of us stress and clutter free. Tackle your to-do list with the on-trend Maya Desk.

The Innovative Vibe

vibe desk

In this entrepreneurial world, some of us are out there kicking ass and being fierce. Loud, bold and a little off-beat, the Vibe Desk is the perfect partner in crime for every endeavour. This industrial design desk means business...and will ensure you do too!

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