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7th March 2022

Women of Mocka 2022

Mocka has proudly supported women for over 15 years. A talented and diverse group of women lead the way in all aspects of our business - from supply chain, product design and development, warehouse management, customer service, finance, and marketing. Vanessa Brennan, CEO of Mocka, shares her vision for women in business and the value they add to the workplace.

Mocka Women

-So much has changed for women in the workplace in the past decade and I am incredibly proud to be a part of that change. Supporting each other is key. We are so tough on ourselves and each other as many of us face the challenge of navigating our roles as mum and business executive. Extending our fellow women respect and most importantly kindness and support is what will set us apart. It seems so simple and yet it can make all the difference.

My vision for 2022 and onwards is to overcome the stigma that to be successful, you must show a hard exterior and be unwavering in your approach and interactions. Rather authenticity and remaining true to who we are, will allow us to see our co-workers for who they are and extend them the support and kindness we all deserve.

I am very proud to be part of the Mocka team and humbled to be working with such an exceptional group of women. These women are incredibly talented and their support for one another is what makes it possible for us to continue to challenge and grow as people and a business. We have big plans for 2022 and I can't wait to work together in achieving our goals.'

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

A Portrait Of The Women Of Mocka

-Supporting each and every woman in your life and making them realise their full potential. Women can achieve anything when supported and motivated. It's a day to recognise our achievements. #BreakTheBias' Fiona McLachlan, Office Manager & EA to CEO.

-It's a day to celebrate the women who inspire & motivate us today but it's also a time to reflect on historic issues we've faced, and things we are yet to overcome.' Emma Watt, Senior Digital Designer.

-International Women's Day is an opportunity to celebrate all women's contributions to the world, to the workplace to the community and to their families. It is also an opportunity to promote gender equality across all of these areas.' Meg Blenkiron, Head of Merchandise.

-This day gives us the chance to reflect on the many different life choices women have to make and the different paths we can go down. Our paths may deviate and converge, but ultimately we are all on our own journey and comparing ourselves to others is futile.' Heidi Scott, Buyer's Assistant.

-This day represents the opportunity to celebrate the powerful female role models who have shaped my world, women I know and cherish, women who have guided me professionally, women who have encouraged and supported me personally, the women who have inspired me and those I have only read about in art history books, but all of which have influenced my self-worth, career achievements and personal growth.' Kate Lewis, Visual Content Manager.

-International Women's Day is an opportunity to celebrate women in the workplace and empower women to achieve their goals in all aspects of their lives.' Katherine Devlin, Buyer.

Who has inspired you in your career?

-I'm inspired by the women across all industries pioneering their careers and then holding the door open for the next generation. We can't move forward until we all move forward.' Jessie Krebs, Planning Assistant

-I'm inspired by the amazing group of women I work with everyday right through from our female workers in our DC to our creatives and our head office staff. Their intelligence, resilience, strength and support inspire me every day.' Marianthi Kyprianides, Senior Buyer.

What value do you believe Women add to the workplace?

-Women are endowed with strong communication and networking skills, encouraging colabssoration and generating a feeling of togetherness in a team.' Katie Smith, Merchandising Planning Manager.

-Women are able to bring a unique mix of empowerment and empathy to a workplace environment. Our ability to see challenges from a new perspective means we're able to find innovative solutions.' Rachel Khoo, Head of eCommerce.

-Women have an extraordinary super-power. We can produce incredible results while fostering an environment of support and genuine care for one another.' Nicole Newman, Head of Brand and Marketing.

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