When it comes to choosing your home decor, it’s all about discovering products, colours and styles that represent you and your personality. Your home is a personal space, and it's somewhere you tend to spend a lot of time and hope to build a lot of memories. Therefore, you should choose a home decor style that showcases you and helps make the most of your rooms. For example, living areas are meant to be a place of calm and consideration, particularly after a long day of work, so choose calming colours from the colour chart, such as soothing blues and avoid bright yellows. 

Here at Mocka, we've designed a range of rugs, cushions, throws and wall decor to help you match your own personal style.

If you simply don't know what your favourite home decor styles are, then use decor quizzes online to find styles that might suit you. Perhaps you will end up loving the minimalist style, or opt for a country-style home!

How can home decor help add value to my home?

A beautifully decorated home not only looks inviting and appealing, it can also help add value to your home. When your property is being valued, it's important your home looks its best, so showcase it in the most positive light possible. A well-styled home reflects the potential to your home to both estate agents and potential buyers. Painting the interior can refresh rooms and lift the mood of your home, and new cupboard doors and handles are a fuss-free way to update a kitchen. Whatever your budget, giving your home a fresh look will contribute to helping you increase your home value. 

Home decor ideas for all homes

There are so many quick, easy and effective ways to update your home decor. A new rug as a centrepiece to switch up the rooms is a great place to start. Year round- painting trends include the use of "ice cream" colours, geometric styles and even shimmery shades of gold. Never underestimate the use of accessories when updating your home decor. By simply switching pillows, cushion throws, blankets, light shades, ornaments or anything else you can think of, can completely transform your home. Adding various pieces of artwork or even foliage around the home is a great way to add a new lease of life. 

Even the smallest home decor ideas can make a big difference to your home. Whatever you choose, get inspired with our range of home decor products today!

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