Floor Rugs

Floor Rugs

Floor rugs are a fantastically simple and affordable way to brighten up any room of your home.

Getting new carpet can be expensive and time consuming , so a quick and easy way to inject a bit of new life into your floor space is through the use of a rug. These are great because not only do they bring life to a room, but they can also be used to cover those nasty carpet stains that just won’t come out. From a practical perspective, rugs can protect carpet from everyday wear and tear (and kids craft explosions). Rugs are great for dining areas and our range can be easily put under your dining room table to catch any spills! Our range of rugs can also be used as statement pieces in both bedrooms and entranceways. We stock rugs in a variety of sizes, including circular rugs such as the Swirl Rug, and rectangular variations such as our popular Ruby Rugs.

We understand that families grow and change, so our rugs have been designed for all sizes of homes and all stages of life. We get a lot of customers who love to put their Mocka rugs in their nursery for their new arrivals, then move it into their childs bedroom as they grow up.

To cover your whole home, we have introduced designs that are ideal for hallways such as the Piper Rug, and feature rugs that will work well in dining or living rooms, such as our large Bailey & Willow floor rugs.  View all of our rugs below, and get in touch with our local Customer Service team if you need any help or advice!

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