If you are looking for a wide range of accessories to add to the stylish decor of your bedrooms, then you've come to the right place! We have created a modern range of unique product designs to add that extra something to your walls, floors or the room space itself.

Let's begin on the wall. Our Macrame and Mae Wall Hangers are popular choices; mind you so are the Dream Catcher, Sparkle Lights (perfect for parties) and our beautiful Astrid Mirror. We also thought that our Animal Heads, along with some of the other items listed here, would only be for a nursery or kids bedroom, but it turns out there are lots of really big kids in Australia!

On the floor, you can choose from a large selection of rugs, including the natural-look Piper, Spot On, Swirl, Ruby, Rec, Faux Sheepskin or Cowhide rugs depending on your decor and the location you're considering for them. Some rugs look best beside a bed, others underneath a dining table - but you can decide for yourself which rug best suits you and your interior design aspirations. After you've got the floor sorted, you might need to light up a darker corner with our brilliant Copper or classic Concrete Lamps; for your desk space there's also the choice between either a Halo or Tilly lamp to illuminate things.

Add comfort & style to existing decor with cosy Neve Floor Cushions, Mae Cushion Covers, or a Penny Throw. Finally, we know we shouldn't really have favourites, but we do love our Nova Clock, where LED timing meets the classic style of natural wood. It's such a perfect choice for the bedroom, office or lounge room, and makes a popular gift. As for our ever-popular 'Log' stool, we won't say more about it here, just check it out for yourselves and see why we adore it - it's such a versatile piece!
It's surely time for you to browse our unique collection of bedroom decor accessories; all of which highlight our Mocka commitment to deliver unique designs at affordable prices. We will also ship your decor purchases to you as quick as we can, right across Australia!

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