Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs

Picking the perfect dining chair set to match your dining room table can be a tricky task in any home, which is why Mocka has made the task so much easier for you! (You’re welcome).

At Mocka we believe that dining chairs should have two main features - firstly, they need to be comfy for all family members, and secondly, they need to look pretty darn good. Every one of our stylish & modern dining chairs have been designed with these qualities in mind! You can read our complete guide to dining chairs here.

In most homes, the humble dining chair gets quite a work out. Whether it is the spot where you solve the worlds problems, engage in a second or third helping of dessert or do your evening shopping at Mocka - dining chairs need to be comfortable. They also need to be built with quality materials and be sturdy -  this is extremely important if they are going withstand a bit of rough and tumble during family board game night - because every family has that one family member who gets a little too agressive when playing Monopoly!

The great thing about Mocka’s range of dining chairs is that they do not have to be used exclusively in the dining room. Our chairs can be used as office chairs, occasional chair or even just somewhere to dump unfolded washing!

We also stock a range of stools which are kind of like the tomato sauce of home furniture - they go with everything! Stools can be used for your bum, your books, your lamp or your coffee. They can be used in the kitchen, the bedroom, your office, bathroom and even the garage. Super versatile, our range of stools are a quick and affordable way to add a bit of spark and practicability to your home.

As with all of our products, our dining chairs and stools are super easy to assemble, and all come with fast shipping across Australia. Shop our modern range of dining chairs and stools now!

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