Whoever invented storage shelves deserves a medal. Seriously. They are the most helpful item in our homes! Mocka’s modern range of shelves come in a number of different shapes, sizes and colours and can be used throughout your entire home. Our different shelving options are amazingly versatile - they can be used in a million different ways. Don’t believe me? Well read on!

For a signature piece of furniture that shows off all of your worldly possessions, you can’t go wrong with one of our modern ladder shelves. Available in a range of shelving configurations and colours, these ladder shelves are a perfect way to brighten up any room, and are well-suited to showcasing photographs in living areas. If you have limited space available in your house or apartment, our range of corner shelves might just be the product for you. These corner shelves fit snugly into the forgotten and under-utilised corners of your home, which helps to free up valuable storage space for more important things!

For those with a more practical need, our storage shelves are great for use in the office where you need easy access to books, stationary and files. With a range of style options, you are sure to find a set of shelves that matches your existing office decor. In most homes, bathroom storage is often something that is overlooked. This is why we have designed a range of bathroom-friendly storage shelves that are great for storing towels, beauty products and pot plants!

For those interested in wall-mounted storage, we also have a range of floating shelves, as well as our popular shadow boxes to give your room a more modern feel and save valuable floor space for some of our other products (because once you shop Mocka, you won’t stop - that’s a fact!).

Mocka’s range of storage shelves have been made with quality materials and are super easy to assemble. All of our storage shelves also come with fast shipping across Australia. What are you waiting for? Check out our range of storage shelves and get your home organised today! 

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