Kids Desks

Kids Desks

A great kids desk is a fantastic investment in your child’s future.

It may sound simple, but children are sponges who crave learning opportunities, so why not give them their very own space to absorb, create & imagine? From small kids desks for tiny, compact spaces through to more industrial sized desks, our kids desks come in a variety of sizes, prices and styles suited to the varying needs of your child, your space and your wallet. If you are looking for an entry-level kids desk designed to fit smaller spaces such as a study nook or bedroom corner, we have a collection of desks that have been engineered specifically to suit this need. One of our most popular models is our Jordi Kids Desk, which also has a matching set of drawers if you require more storage space. For those with a lot of stationery, we also have desks with inbuilt drawers to stores pens & paper, as well as kids desks with shelves for books, models and art supplies among other things.

For larger spaces, and for a kids desk with heaps of room to create, imagine and experiment, you cannot go wrong with one of our Trestle Desks. These desks have been a crowd favourite with the Mocka audience for some time, and easily hold a computer, printer and books while leaving ample space to draw, write, build or just daydream! Every desk needs a chair to go with it, and luckily we have that sorted too. We have a range of comfortable and sturdy kids desk chairs and stools to suit any desk - perfect for those big study sessions!

In addition to these, we have a range of accessories to enhance your child’s learning space including desk lamps, free-standing storage solutions and wall-mounted shadow boxes and shelves, clocks and book ends. And if extra storage is needed for books, art supplies and tools, we also have a range of strange solutions such as shelves, cabinets and drawers to complement our desk range. All of our kids desks and accessories come with fast shipping across Australia for your convenience.

Shop our range of kids desks now and set your child on the path of discovery!

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