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Out & About

Exploring the outdoors is a great chance for toddlers & children to enjoy some fresh air and benefit from a healthy environment. They can also learn new skills, and discover more about the world around them! To ensure they get the most from their time outdoors, we've designed a number of tough, attractive outdoor toys that are specifically designed for life in the great outdoors. Durable and equipped with wheels in most cases, these toys can help children improve their walking and balance skills, as well as provide hours of fun & entertainment. All our outdoor toys are made from safe materials and combine nostalgic charm with modern, appealing design.

The ultimate Mocka ride-on

Ride-ons are great for children that want to get moving, but who aren't quite ready for a balance bike or similar toy. We have a popular bumble bee ride-on or a ladybird ride-on option. Gender neutral and painted in bright, eye-catching colours, these sturdy ride-on toys turn a trip around the garden into an adventure! When children get a little older and want to progress to a bike, our balance bikes provide a perfect interim step. Available in a range of colours and styles, a balance bike allows additional mobility and speed without the added difficulty of pedals or gears.

Outdoor toys for imaginative play

Wagons, Wheelbarrows, and Teepees are great props for all sorts of adventures. Explorers and other adventurers all need the right sort of equipment for their travels - our selection of durable, well-made outdoor toys allow children to enjoy imaginative play and invent all sorts of stories. Ideal for role play & pretend games, the simple design and straightforward nature of our toys ensures that they appeal to a wide range of ages. Because they are easy to play with, children find them easily adaptabe to a range of playtime scenarios!

Mocka outdoor toys are widely used across Australia & NZ. Ideal as gifts or as a treat for your kids, these outdoor toys are intended to provide years of use. All materials are non-toxic and each design is checked and tested for stability and safety before being put on the market. Enjoy the great outdoors with your new toys from Mocka!

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