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Imogen Natural Single Four Piece Bedroom Set

Imogen Natural Single Four Piece Bedroom Set

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The Imogen Natural Single Four Piece Bedroom Set is a stylish ensemble offering a modern look with ample functionality for your child's sanctuary. The set combines the on-trend design of the upholstered Imogen Single Bed with the absolute comfort of Vale's sturdy Single Mattress. Paired with Aspen's sleek and spacious Bedside Table and Six Drawer unit in a modern white and natural colourway, this cohesive set guarantees timeless style while championing practical storage solutions—all at an unbeatable value. Create the look you love for less with our carefully curated furniture sets.
Modern Design
The Imogen Natural Single Four Piece Bedroom Set combines contemporary style with a touch of coastal charm. The upholstered arch headboard of the Imogen Single Bed creates a natural centrepiece, accommodating children’s evolving style preferences.
Comfort Meets Strength
Vale's Single Mattress, designed for comfort, is the perfect fit for the sturdy Imogen bed. The mattress's resilient inner springs provide the perfect balance of softness and support for a rejuvenating sleep, night after night.
Practical Storage
Aspen storage pieces strike a balance between style and utility. Smooth-sliding drawers in a complementary white/natural palette offer effortless organisation, easing the clean-up process and fostering a clutter-free space for your child.
  • Contemporary arch headboard design
  • Robust and comfortable mattress
  • Space-saving storage units
  • Versatile white/natural colourway 
  • Best value when bundled as a set
Extra Dimensions
Imogen Single Bed - 100cm high x 204cm deep x 98cm wide Aspen Bedside Table - 55cm high x 38cm deep x 48cm wide Aspen Six Drawer - 83cm high x 40cm deep x 120cm wide Vale Single Mattress - 15cm high x 91cm deep x 190cm wide
INPAA Certified

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